Beauty & Make-Up Artist Emma Jonnz Wants you to Live Your Fantasy

Emma Jonnz

Emma Jonnz has built a reputation off her transformative makeup tutorials and relatable life advice. The beauty & makeup influencer is often found to post videos on Instagram and YouTube about different beauty products with her audience. She has gained online popularity for her videos that became popular and inspired many others that resonates and reflects within her thousands of engaged followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Jonnz is a make-up queen—when it comes to makeup of course—and this charismatic vlogger knows how to create high fashion, high impact, and highly enviable makeup looks. From striking flawless concealer coverage to neon-hued lids, Jonnz knows how to recreate some of the most trending make-up. 

The YouTuber and beauty expert, who has been candid about her experience of being a trans woman, routinely talks about the lack of representation in the beauty industry at large. Jonnz is one of the beauty experts, who has been gaining attention from the critics and in a short span of time, she has been compared with YouTubers Nikita Dragun, Jeffree Star, James Charles and NikkieTutorials. 

Jonnz’s authentic approach to addressing the lack of diversity in her industry has quickly pushed her to global ubiquity. She has been posting videos about make-up tutorials and applications, as well reviews on beauty make-up brands. 

This Italian native has has racked up over 25,000 Instagram followers in a few months, and they aren’t just tuning in to learn how to wear your run-of-the mill everyday, beauty basics. Personality is every bit as colorful as her makeup tutorials, and her charming accent really sets her apart among thousands of beauty vloggers. Best of all she is not afraid to make mistakes, act a little silly, or push some beauty boundaries and like her fans, that’s what we admire most about this daring makeup diva.

As she continues to dominate the arena she has created, Jonnz may be faced with new copycat competition, or more traditional competitors adopting her tactics. But with her unique approach to every video and ability to cater valuable solutions for her audience, she will likely not be going away anytime soon.

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