Empowering and Enlightening – The Work of Author Sharanya Haridas

Not every written word is worthy of note. But when a writer like Sharanya Haridas puts pen to paper… or finger to keyboard, the results are astounding. As a result, Haridas’ work has been sparking flames of inspiration around the world. Millions of people from all walks of life have been impacted positively by her work.

As more people are being awakened to her work, it is having a knock-on effect and more and more individuals are having their eyes opened in time to benefit from the wisdom and enlightenment that she pours into her work.

Exceptional in Many Aspects
Some of the hats that Haridas wears include: e-commerce expert, digital entrepreneur, author, journalist and scholar. Her scholarly pursuits to date have yielded a Master of Arts degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in New York.

She has also distinguished herself by founding a ground-breaking digital magazine during her time studying at the Indian Institute of Technology and being chosen by her peers to join the Society of Professional Journalists whilst studying at Columbia University. But, regardless of the hat that she wears, her impact remains powerful and impactful.

Inspiring Others Through Social Media
As a master of the digital space Sharanya Haridas has established powerful profiles on various social media and professional networking platforms. On Instagram she has over 7000 followers. Her Facebook page has a whopping 13,000 followers and as with the other platforms the numbers grow daily.

On Twitter, the platform she is most active on, she shares her work and thoughts, here Haridas has amassed an impressive following in excess of 20, 000! This powerful community of loyal followers and contacts across platforms indicates that Haridas has made a huge impact in the digital space.

Moving Mountains… With Words
In a bid to empower other females in India, Haridas started the magazine ‘That’s So Gloss’ in 2012 while she was in the midst of her studies at Madras’ Indian Institute of Technology.

The magazine subsequently earned local and international acclaim for being the first digital magazine designed for young women in India, as well as the only one of its kind in that year. Not only was this a revolutionary move but in accomplishing this, Haridas demonstrated to millions of women in India and subsequently, the world, that women can be revolutionary, successful and resourceful. The global attention the magazine earned was truly well deserved.                                        

As a creator of inspirational quotes, many of which are posted on Goodreads, Haridas encourages her readers to rise above their challenges, aim for excellence and to stay positive.

Some examples of these quotes are “A generation is not defined by the options it has but by the choices it makes”, and “Modernity is kind of a tradition and tradition itself is not a rulebook. It’s a dialogue and a dialectical process— just as tradition affects us, we too affect tradition and culture, and we change it.”

These kinds of messages trigger deep thought, help the reader to introspect and enable us to become analytical of our situations. With her words, Haridas enables her audience to reflect and grow emotionally and intellectually.

As an author, Haridas produces reading material that arms her audience with information and gives them new perspectives on life. In her poetry collection, ‘The Tramp Speaks’, Haridas takes her readers on a journey of self-discovery, emotional exploration and sensuality.

Readers emerge from this experience more empowered and confident. Another publication, TEDx talk ‘India’s Generation in Transition’ delivers a powerful dose of poignant views on India’s demography.

Haridas’ mind when combined with her writing talent packs a powerful intellectual punch. Haridas as an author and digital entrepreneur is clearly on the trajectory to global renown.

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