Empowerment Expert Diana Perkovic Asks: Did You Know You Are on an Empowerment Journey?

Do you feel fully empowered? If not, did you know that, according to Empowerment Coach Diana Perkovic, you are still on a journey to becoming empowered? Diana knows this because she has been there, living life on autopilot, not giving her empowerment a second thought.

Before Diana became a leading Female Empowerment authority, she was a widely-known national TV personality. She would regularly speak live and unscripted, broadcast into 100 million homes. She even interviewed big stars like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Mary J Blige. From the outside, it seemed like she had the life. The reality was that, over time, she started to feel deeply unfulfilled. Her inner voice was telling her it was time for major life changes, but she didn’t know where to begin and how to pivot. She ignored her inner voice. 

This led to Diana finding herself stuck in the space of needing to make changes but feeling paralyzed with fear to take the first steps, which left her feeling totally disempowered. Even though she felt the lack of energy behind her life, she kept going, day after day. It wasn’t until tragedy befell her that she was finally motivated to make some changes in her life.

After burying her father, ending her marriage, and leaving her cushy job, she skipped town and drove cross-country. This would become the part of her empowerment journey that went at an accelerated pace. 

Diana searched for, but couldn’t find an expert that she could turn to for support and guidance. She had to figure out everything on her own. While it is a testament to the extraordinary grit and capabilities she has, Diana doesn’t wish any other woman to take the hard route she took. Instead, she decided to create a guidance and support program that helps them on their empowerment journey.

After carefully, diligently, and methodically crafting a program for about a year, Diana unveiled the Good Girl Mafia Empowerment Bootcamp. This would become a six-week empowerment program she offered under her new Female Empowerment brand, Good Girl Mafia.

Diana began to teach women how they could become empowered themselves. As she watched the personal empowerment of women in the program grow, she also saw their confidence grow. This led them to begin living the lives they had always wanted. 

Once she began seeing the results, she made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life to being a guide and coach for other women. She wanted to help women become empowered on their own terms. Every woman finds a different way to reach empowerment. Diana knew that there was no one-size-fits-all approach. That is why she keeps the definition of empowerment open-ended. She wants to help women cultivate a strong vision of an empowered life they can be passionate about. Then, expertly lead them down the path of living out their definition of empowerment.  

Diana believes every woman both needs and deserves to be encouraged on her road to empowerment. It’s every woman’s birthright to walk tall with confidence, unapologetically use her voice and live out the greatest vision for her life. Every dream, goal, and aspiration has, as its foundation, personal empowerment. 

You can head over to the Good Girl Mafia website to learn more about what female empowerment looks like through the lens of Diana Perkovic’s Empowerment Bootcamp. You can also check out the Good Girl Mafia YouTube channel to see more from Diana.

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