Enas Barkho, CEO of JetFuel, Shares His Cannabis Industry Journey

Like many other industries, the cannabis industry has experienced many interesting developments during the ongoing pandemic. Enas Barkho, the founder and CEO of JetFuel Cannabis, has been one of the key players behind these changes. 

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak evolved into a pandemic and prompted governments around the world to initiate lockdowns, the demand for cannabis and other recreational drugs skyrocketed. Particularly in California, Alaska, and Oklahoma, the demand for recreational cannabis went up to 50% compared to the previous year.

JetFuel, being a California-based cannabis company, was able to fully capitalize on this new opportunity. Guided by the creative and visionary leadership of Barkho, the company is now dominating the recreational cannabis market, sating California’s cravings for legal cannabis and cannabis products.

However, when JetFuel began its journey to success in 2018, things didn’t always go smoothly. Legalizing cannabis as a regular market product and working within California’s strict marketing laws was no easy task, and making it through California’s strict licensing, packaging, and testing guidelines was even more difficult. Eventually, however, more money than ever before started to flow into the company, thanks to JetFuel’s continued efforts to promote itself as a leading producer of legal cannabis.

At the age of 17, Enas Barkho was well on his way to being a cannabis connoisseur as well as an entrepreneur. He knew at that time that big things were going to happen within the cannabis industry, and he envisioned himself being a part of this evolution. After 10 years of hard work, following a variety of creative decisions and entrepreneurial approaches, Barkho became the founder of JetFuel, which is currently among one of the most popular cannabis brands. 

Judging from his track record of top-notch talent management and strong public relations in the community, Barkho has always been a popular figure. As such, him running a cannabis company has stirred up quite a few conversations.

In addition to the cannabis industry, Barkho has been in the creative business for more than 15 years. He was the founder of the talent management group known as Face Card, and together with his team, he has managed popular artists such as Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, and Xzibit. These artists have been developing their platforms as well as their fan bases with a focus on West Coast hip-hop, which is of course one of the most predominant hip-hop subgenres.

After working with these big names, Barkho wanted to explore other opportunities outside of music to collaborate with them. Since many of these artists were also strongly associated with recreational marijuana, Barkho took this opportunity to create a brand centered around high-quality cannabis, which of course became JetFuel. 

The pandemic-imposed lockdowns are not the only reason behind JetFuel’s success, however. JetFuel stands on its own as a unique brand, offering high-end cannabis with a strong THC percentage. As you can imagine, such high-end products effortlessly generate waves of returning customers. 

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