Endexx Corporation: Dominating the Market with Its Hemp-Derived Products

In December 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill became law, and with it came the removal of hemp and its derivatives from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). With this change, the Agriculture Improvement Act brought authorization for the production of hemp and established federal regulatory oversight of the manufacturing in the U.S.

Projections are placing the global hemp market on a path to $18.6 billion in value by 2027. As a result, investors and prospective shareholders of hemp-centric companies are tuning in closely. Endexx Corporation is active in the sector and is charting a path to a presence in 20,000 retail stores.

It states that users of hemp products and growers of the plant point to numerous potential benefits, including:

  • Economic benefits of affordability and sustainability as a resilient plant
  • Increases to economic viability through growth in agricultural jobs around the crop
  • Personal use benefits, which may bring pain and inflammation support
  • Pet-safe options in the market that may even help pain management for aging pets
  • Topical balms, oils, and even some ingestible options free from synthetic additives

Endexx Corporation is moving towards having a substantial presence in retail locations. This growth may be further evidence that the market is ready to run. However, that leaves the conversation of financial institutions that will do business with hemp providers. 

Let’s look at where the industry has come from and where it’s going.

2018 Farm Bill and Hemp Legalization

Beginning most notably with changes to laws under the 2018 Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018), the decriminalization of hemp and its derivatives began to cause changes in how the public saw hemp.

Farmers and agricultural workers saw a shift in policy that would expand conservation programs. In addition, trade, research and extension, and programs for disadvantaged/veteran farmers were growing.

Since that time, there has been an explosion in the market. As a result, new opportunities for U.S.-grown hemp are showing great value. Applications for the plant also present revenue growth potential. The federal regard for CBD has been seen separately from the hemp plant itself.

Making it legal to grow and sell hemp in the United States does not eliminate individual states’ discretion over the consumption of recreational cannabis.

Endexx Corporation maximizes the plant’s versatility with its hemp-derived offerings for people and their pets. Managing pain and addressing inflammation are among the purported benefits of the plant.

Endexx Corporation supplies safe and synthetic additive-free solutions with its offerings, including some products with hemp-derived CBD. 

All businesses need financial backing and finance tools. The banking and credit industry is also evolving to address this need for the hemp market.

Banking and the Treasury Department’s Guidance on Hemp 

Banking services are vital to the hemp industry, much like with any market sector. Since the legalization of the plant’s growth, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has guided institutions supplying banking services.

Hemp growers, under the guidance, can be confirmed as compliant with state, tribal government, and USDA licensing requirements where applicable. These compliance measures are additional signs that the federal government recognizes that the industry means business.

While these changes have been seen as controversial, it’s no surprise. The relative of hemp, cannabis sativa cultivars, is a potentially more popular plant known for psychoactive properties. Fortunately, these traits are wholly absent in the hemp-derived products that users trust to bring them relief.

Endexx Corporation CEO Todd Davis has seen the trust-building in the industry, leading to a presence in 6,800 FDM stores nationwide.

U.S. Grown Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products

The economics are sound for the hemp market, and the plant’s production spells revenue growth for the U.S. The USDA has even brought the formation of the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program to approve plans from states and tribes for domestic production.

It continues to be in the interest of the United States to support, federally, producers who comply with existing guidelines. The regulations are stringent but seem to bring out the best of the marketplace. 

Hemp seeds, food products, and offerings like those from Endexx Corporation allow a single plant to bring multiple uses. CEO Todd Davis has shown himself as something of a pioneer in the industry, and this has primarily driven the company’s goal of being in 20,000 retail locations. Some of the products Endexx Corporation has are being reported as top-sellers in some stores. Consumers enjoy peace of mind knowing there is a more diligent effort to bring potential relief at affordable prices.

Nationwide Growth of the Hemp Marketplace

The interest nationwide has only grown for hemp. Therapies and applications of hemp-derived products bring opportunities that did not exist before. In addition, these products are natural options offering compounds of high interest to the market.

Compliance with the FDA Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act is vital. Endexx Corporation takes consumer safety very seriously and continues to bring products that are safe to use with therapeutically effective dosages.

Endexx Corporation has topicals with smells that customers report enjoying. Additionally, they carry ingestibles with flavors that won’t make you pitch the container in the bin. Consequently, consumers, stakeholders, and prospective investors have a right to know that they have quality solutions at their fingertips.

Endexx Corporation is setting itself apart by maintaining an active approach domestically to reaching more consumers. In addition, natural ingredients with American-grown hemp sources mean upside potential for this company. The hemp market is showing no signs of slowing as word of mouth and intelligent marketing make the products increasingly visible.

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