Enhance Yourself and Your Team with Voice and Communication Coach Helen Moses

Whether you’re preparing for a big speech or meeting a new client for the first time, it’s important to understand how to get the most out of your voice. A powerful, effective presentation can inspire confidence in both the speaker and the listener. In this article, we’ll go over what voice and communication coaching is, who can benefit from it, and who to hire to help your team speak strongly, positively, and from the heart.

What is Voice and Communication Coaching?

This specialized training teaches strategies to aid communication skills and empower individuals and teams to speak confidently and articulate their points clearly and effectively.

Who Can Benefit From Voice and Communication Coaching?

 Leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who struggle to articulate their ideas, feel they are being held back from their potential, or believe they are not getting the respect and visibility they deserve.

 Individuals looking to improve their communication skills so that their voices align with their inherent value, both professionally and personally.

 Customer-facing teams and team leaders who want to create a healthy workplace culture, one where effective communication both in and outside of the organization is valued.

Finding The Right Voice and Communication Coach

Helen Moses is a former speech-language pathologist now working with clients who want to speak up with heart and create an environment that leads to positive outcomes such as stronger relationships and increased productivity and profit in their respective industries.

Helen has helped hundreds of people through Individual Coaching, offering vocal exercises and practical techniques for liberating and leveraging their authentic voices.

This is particularly important for the individual who wants to feel comfortable speaking when their ideas matter most. Helen works with her clients in person and virtually. Regardless of location, she’s ready to accompany them on their journey toward a self-assured vocal presence.

Helen’s philosophy extends beyond the individual voice to address the collective voice of an organization or company, recognizing that individual communication patterns from each team member influence the reputation of the entire company. That’s why she also offers Team Training, so that the culture within the company can be healthy and positive, attracting loyal customers and good reviews.

With so many sales and customer service exchanges happening virtually or on the phone, how team members say what they say is extremely critical for successful conversations. Businesses need to train teams to pick up on cues, such as tone of voice, that convey additional meaning above and beyond the words—both in their voices and the customers’.

Helen can assist in making changes that boost employee morale, improve organizational effectiveness, and increase sales. She offers both virtual and in-person team training that can be customized to your company’s specific goals.

Whether you’re seeking transformation for yourself or your organization, Helen Moses can help you use your voice to achieve your goals.

Find out more about Helen and how you can benefit from her coaching by visiting her website.

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