Enhancing the Client Experience in Immigration with Yasin Akalan of Akalan Law Firm

The current immigration process is daunting, confusing, and achingly slow. Demands placed on immigrants are high, and the support they receive is minimal. So, in 2020, Yasin Akalan founded Akalan Law Firm to provide and champion a more supportive and convenient immigration process.

Many of the large law firms meant to support immigrants are slow to adapt, and slow to react to immigrant’s modern needs. Yasin determined a new model of law firm was required to adequately support immigrants in their immigration process.

Founded on prioritizing the client, utilizing new technology, and embracing dynamism, Akalan Law has seen exponential growth in its clientele, and its ability to support immigrants.

Putting the Clientele First

Yasin determined the clientele should always come first.

By embracing automation technology, Akalan Law has streamlined the immigration process, creating a lower-cost, and more efficient system which is affordable by immigrants all over the world.

This automation ensures clarity and accuracy in every step of the process. Immigrants are guided along the process, and the process is made easy. With less time spent on filling out and filing paperwork, Akalan Law is able to devote its time to addressing the unique needs of its clientele.

Immigration is more than filling out paperwork. Because of the automation systems he developed, Yasin has gained years of hands-on experience dealing with unique immigration issues such as removal defense cases, cancellation of removal, asylum, family petitions, naturalization, and more.

Instead of dealing with paperwork, Yasin deals with the unique needs of his clientele.

Keeping Immigrants Informed

There should be no surprises in the immigration process. Immigration however is a difficult process to juggle due to the ever-changing political landscape, and the need to know the rules and regulations of multiple countries.

Yasin saw that educating and informing immigrants was a critical need to enhance and expedite the immigration process. To do this, he embraced new modes of communication.

By utilizing social platforms like Facebook,  Instagram, and, YouTube, Akalan Law keeps people up to date on changes to immigration law requirements and policy.

By keeping people informed, and offering in-depth explanations on complex immigration issues and processes, Yasin begins the support process before the immigration process begins.

While other large immigration firms wait for their clientele to come to them, Yasin and Akalan Law take the first step in supporting and enhancing the immigration process by maintaining a regular presence on multiple media and communication platforms.

Receive the Support you Deserve

Akalan Law has grown exponentially since its 2020 founding because of the systems Yasin Akalan has developed to enhance the immigration process.

Yasin has redefined immigrant support with his new and improved processes, and focus on the unique needs of his clientele.

Every client becomes a member of the Akalan Law family. And the family is growing.

If you need assistance through the immigration process, need help obtaining a temporary work visa, or want to work with a lawyer who understands your struggles, Akalan Law is here to help.

You can book a consultation on their website here, or schedule an appointment by calling 212-542-3940.

Make sure to follow Akalan Law on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and receive regular, up-to-date news on immigration policy changes. Stay Informed.

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