Enter the Mysterious World of ‘Castle of Blackwater’

Castle of Blackwater (COB) is shaking up social deduction games in the Web3 world. This 2D game mixes classic gameplay with blockchain, combining strategy, intrigue, and digital ownership. You can play it on PC now, and it’s coming to mobile soon. Let’s take a deeper look:

Game Overview

History and Development

Developed by Fair Play Collective, COB draws inspiration from popular social deduction games like “Among Us” and “Town of Salem.” Social deduction involves players using reasoning and communication to uncover hidden roles and objectives within a group, often leading to thrilling, mind-bending experiences. The vision is to merge enjoyable, strategy-based gameplay with sustainable Web3 economics, ensuring a balanced and rewarding experience for players​​.

Gameplay Mechanics

Core Gameplay

COB immerses players in a dark, mysterious world where they are divided into three factions: Protectors, Satanic, and Forgotten. Each faction has unique roles and abilities that define their playstyle. Whether you’re solving mysteries as a Protector, deceiving others as a Satanic, or pursuing your agenda as a Forgotten, the game offers a rich and varied experience​.

Character Roles

The game boasts a diverse cast of characters within each faction. Protectors include roles like the Sheriff, Vigilante, and Mentalist, each contributing uniquely to the gameplay. The Satanic faction, with roles like the Silencer and Psychic, thrives on deception and sabotage. Meanwhile, the Forgotten faction adds unpredictability with its unique win conditions and chaotic gameplay​.

Game Phases

COB’s gameplay unfolds in three cyclical phases: the Day Cycle, Night Cycle, and Voting Round. During the Day Cycle, players complete tasks and gather clues, while the Night Cycle plunges the castle into darkness, increasing the danger and allowing Satanic characters to strike. The Voting Round brings players together to accuse and vote on suspects, adding a strategic layer to the game​.

Unique Features

Factions and Roles

The specific roles within each faction bring depth and strategy to the game. Protectors work together to uncover and eliminate the Satanic players, while the Satanics use secret communication and deception to achieve their goals. The Forgotten faction, with its individualistic approach, can either help or hinder other factions based on their unique objectives​.

Dynamic Environments

COB’s dynamic environments, including secret passageways and special tasks, enhance the gameplay. The Safe Zone during the Night Cycle offers strategic advantages, allowing players to plan and communicate without the threat of immediate danger​.

Blockchain Integration

Beam Network and $COBE Token

COB is set to launch on Beam Network, a pioneering gaming blockchain leveraging Avalanche’s Subnet technology, providing a robust platform for integrating Web3 features, which will enhance COB’s gameplay and economic structure.

Central to the game’s economy is the $COBE token, which players can earn and use for transactions and rewards within the game. This integration ensures that players truly own their in-game assets, enhancing the game’s depth and replayability​​.

NFT Integration

NFTs play a crucial role in COB, allowing players to own unique in-game assets. This ownership not only enhances gameplay but also offers real-world value, making the game more engaging and rewarding for players​​.

Economic Sustainability

The game’s play & earn model aims to create a sustainable in-game economy, addressing the pitfalls seen in traditional DeFi games. By focusing on a balanced economic model, the game ensures long-term player engagement and avoids the issues of rapid inflation and economic collapse​​.

Release Information

Beta and Full Release

COB is currently in beta, with a full public release planned for the end of 2024. Mobile versions are slated for early 2025, expanding the game’s reach and accessibility​​.

Access and Community Involvement

Players eager to join the adventure can download the game through the HyperPlay website. The game’s vibrant community can be found on Discord, where players can share strategies, provide feedback, and stay updated on the latest developments​​.


COB provides players with a deeply immersive experience that’s exhilarating and gratifying. The game’s uniquely divided factions, intricate roles, and dynamic environments create deeply engaging and varied gameplay. The $COBE token and NFTs further enhance player ownership and economic sustainability, ensuring that the time and effort players invest are genuinely valued. As the game moves from beta to full release, and eventually to mobile, the growing community and continuous development promise an exciting future for all who venture into the mysterious world of Castle of Blackwater​.


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