Entrepreneur Ajay Singh Tanwar: The Richest Young Adult In Delhi

Ajay Singh Tanwar

Ajay Singh Tanwar, a young man from Delhi has aced everything that has come his way from entrepreneurship to philanthropy.

He comes from a reputed Delhi political family thus he has inculcated the principles of serving the mass very well.
Ajay owns two exquisite hotels – Ocean PearlGardenia and Kings Forth Hotel in the outskirts of Chhatarpur. His entrepreneurial skills have left people really impressed and in awe of how effectively he works at such a young age.

Coming from a well to do family he has always had a grand lavish lifestyle but in spite of that he has not for once deterred from striving hard to succeed and his willpower of serving those in need has always stuck through. He along with his family does the noble work of marrying 121 couples every year for the last 10 years. They also provide all the basic necessities that the couple would need to start off their new innings which is almost 5 lakhs per couple. Ajay and his family spend 6 crores each year for this cause but according to him, this doesn’t hurt his pockets when he sees the incomparable smiles of the couples.

He is a big-time car enthusiast and owns a list of the world’s best cars which include a couple of Rolls Royce, Range Rover Vogue , Hummer, Audi R8, Bentley, a Ferrari couple of Mercedes G Wagon, 2 S class Maybachs, 4 Toyota Land Cruises and a Lamborghini. He also owns two choppers which helps him to commute to different locations in order to manage his business more effectively.

He loves vacationing in exotic and beautiful locations like London, Dubai and Australia. London, where he owns a house along with four cars is one of his favourite places to hang out. He is often invited to inaugurate showrooms of luxury stores.

Ajay Singh Tanwar also has his own set of fanbase and is quite popular on social media as well. Recently Ajay has been conferred with the ‘Most Influential Entrepreneur of 2020’ award by the Elite Magazine.

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