Entrepreneur and Advisor Joseph Lizyness Explains the Power of Purpose for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor Joseph Lizyness knows the difficulty of creating and maintaining a successful business. From small missteps to long-haul burnout, many forces can drive an entrepreneur off the path to success. However, Joseph believes that there is one thing that every entrepreneur must know in order to keep themselves properly oriented and heading for the goalposts. 

Joseph calls this “knowing your why,” and it’s specific to every individual. An entrepreneur’s “why” is their purpose, their reason for getting out of bed and struggling for success; it’s the thing that keeps you going. Whether the reason involves power, wealth, family, respect, it is the compass that keeps an entrepreneur on the right track to success.

The Storied Career of Joseph Lizyness

Joseph’s journey began when he joined the Army at 18, going on to serve 4 years as an intelligence analyst. Though he initially struggled to transition to the civilian world after his time in the Army, he went on to work as a contractor at FBI Quantico, which he felt was “a perfect fit” for him.

Thinking back on the journey so far, Joseph notes that “It’s been kind of a rollercoaster.” In his capacity as a startup advisor, Joseph offers guidance to tech startups on raising equity crowdfunding through sites like wefunder.com, republic.co, and startengine.com. As an angel investor, he supported prominent tech startups such as Snowball, a company that is currently changing the world with decentralized finance.

Sharing the Secrets of Success: Joseph’s Consulting Career

His successes as an investor and advisor have brought him some renown. He’s been a consultant to the US Government in various roles, particularly in Project Management, and he sits on several advisory boards. Joseph is now the proud co-founder of Eagle Atlas, a consulting firm that specializes in advising clients on setting productive goals, making big career changes, and running companies of various sizes and stages of development.

Their goal is to help individuals and companies find the right direction and maximize their potential. Eagle Atlas offers an online Blueprint to Success tool to help individuals and companies of all sizes obtain their goals. The blueprint is available for all to use on their website.

Working with Entrepreneurs to Find Their “Why”

According to Joseph, finding your “why” involves asking yourself a series of important questions. What are your goals, and why do you want to achieve them? Discovering this fundamental sense of purpose is a critical step in Joseph’s consulting process. Knowing their “why” can change the course of an entrepreneur’s career.

Entrepreneurs need to know why they get out of bed, what their purpose is. Joseph believes that success is not always based on earning money, but on doing something that you planned on doing.

“Success is knowing the reason that you breathe, what you plan to do,” he explains. “Many people live their life and they have no points of reference, no stars they planned to shoot for, they simply live and nothing more. We think success is knowing your purpose and living your life to the fullest extent of your abilities.”

A One-Way Ticket to Success

Joseph’s own career is still on an upward trajectory. Having garnered significant acclaim as a consultant and angel investor, he’s headed for greener pastures. Currently, he’s set his sights on a partner position at a venture capital firm. With a proven track record of success, Joseph will certainly succeed at whatever he sets his mind to.

Check out Joseph Lizyness on his website and on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @josephlizyness or Instagram @lizynessj. His articles can be found on Medium and his book, Angel Investing with $100, can be found on Amazon. See how Eagle Atlas can help you at https://www.eagleatlas.com/.

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