Entrepreneur and Business Coach Marcus Jones Shares his Blueprint for Creating a Legacy

Marcus Jones

“Life’s too short.” We’ve all heard it, but what do we do about it? For Marcus Jones, he’s taking full advantage of the time he has to build his legacy brick by brick. The foundation of his financial future is in his thriving business that has allowed him to help thousands of individuals duplicate his business model and learn the skill sets necessary to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Marcus entered the workforce straight out of highschool to support himself and his family, with his first employment at a factory with a 45 minute commute from his house. At the age of 21, Marcus was introduced to a different mindset and way of life, that would show him a new way of earning income without having to work long hours under someone else’s supervision – entrepreneurship. 

Intrigued by the business model of network marketing and the concept of trading in the financial markets, Marcus immersed himself in the opportunity, quickly learning the ins and outs of growing a business, to create his own organization called MTG which stands for Money Team Global, that has allowed him to work with like-minded individuals across the country seeking unconventional avenues for financial growth.

When discussing the objectives behind his business, Marcus says:

“MTG is about helping people understand that you can be your own boss. I’m showing people that if you put in those hours, basically treating this as a job where you’re making your own schedule, you’re determining how far you’re going to go based on how hard you’re willing to work – you can truly get results faster than most. I basically just wanted to show people, hey, if you work hard and put your mind to it, you can get paid like a CEO.”

Marcus says that his business is all about duplication and growth. Marcus mentors aspiring entrepreneurs on achieving the levels of success that he has created for himself, just by taking what he’s offering, studying it and applying it to their own lives. As a true leader, Marcus would like nothing more than to see his entire team thrive, even if that means surpassing himself. The growth comes from a mindset that encompasses more than just a passion for financial freedom, but for consistent personal development as well.

“We’re helping build people’s level of financial literacy to increase their earning potential. The money is great, don’t get me wrong, but this can also help you grow as a person. It can be so much more fulfilling to build something from the ground up. I want people to be able to experience what I’ve been experiencing through duplication. You have a schedule now, you’re not just waking up not knowing what you’re going to do today. You have a goal and then you go out there and you try to crush it.”

Initially Marcus was invested into growing his team out of his desire to gain the financial security he needed for himself to leave his 9-5 employment and truly experience what life has to offer when you have the freedom to do as you please. However, shortly after starting his business, it became about much more than that. Losing his brother to gun violence made Marcus realize how short life truly is, and ignited in him a fire and drive to leave his legacy on Earth in the time that he has, helping as many people as possible do what he was able to do for himself. 

“When my brother died, that really hit home, it was the first time I lost someone close to me. He was 26 years old, I’m 26 now, he died a month before his 27th birthday. When it happened, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. By the time I got over it, I knew I needed to make this time count. It made me want to start not just making money, but helping others make money. I felt like I was selfish, at the time I didn’t really want to deal with anyone, I just wanted to make sure I was good and my people were good, but there’s a bigger picture than that. It’s much more fulfilling to actually show someone how to achieve what you’ve achieved. It really made me just change my life around and say, hey, it’s not all about the money. It’s about really showing your people that this is what they can have. This is possible. You can do this – if I was there before and now I’m here, you can be there and you can be here too,” says Marcus. 

In honour of his late brother, Marcus and his sister Rhonda Fox started an organization called Dollar & A Dream, where they host events, sell clothes and cook for the community. 

With his purpose and vision for his future clear, Marcus continues to help others duplicate his business model to find their own success in entrepreneurship. Marcus is leading by example in taking the plunge into the unknown to do what we can to create a lasting impression on this Earth. His best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? Keep reading!

Never give up. No matter what anyone else says, no matter what’s going on – if you’re going through a lot of things while you’re trying to reach that goal, it’s probably because you’re getting close to reaching it. The world will test you. It will put you through the fire, but no matter how hard it gets, keep going.”

Speak it into existence. The law of attraction is real. You’re speaking it, you’re doing it, you’re thinking it, you’re writing it down. You’re seeing it every day and it will come to pass, you will be where you want to be.”

Life is short. “You can’t be out here just doing anything, wasting time. It’s okay to have a safety net, but you have to remember the safety net isn’t always safe. You need to take this time that you have and you need to do something. You need to build something. You need to make a legacy, because if you don’t, you can look up and not be here tomorrow.”

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