Entrepreneur and Fashion Expert Nakshrajsinh Sisodiya Is Going Places With His Latest Sartorial Collection


Nakshrajsinh is one of the prominent fashion designers from Gujarat whose brand Mafatlal is known for its legacy. The young fashion icon has been lately launching some exceptional designer wears that has created an immense buzz in the fashion industry.

The royal and wedding collection by Nakshrajsinh along with other excellent collections are in high demand owing to their quality and appeal. Known for his business acumen and fashion skills, Nakshrajsinh has made his venture a huge hit in Gujarat and overseas. Mafatlal is spread across with four big fashion outlets in Mehsana, Patan, and Palanpur.

The sartorial expert is not only famous amongst normal people but is a go-to designer for many celebrities. His designs have become a status symbol for many and the entire credit goes to his sheer dedication and hard work over the years. His simple yet classy designs, just like his very own personality have made it to many wardrobes.

Nakshrajsinh’s motive is to elevate his work to the highest level and to make his work notable. He has managed to scale it to a point where he is recognized as one of the top businessmen across India. In terms of clothing, he deals in multiple facets like textiles, readymade clothes and traditional wear.

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