Entrepreneur Chris Naugle Is Teaching People How to Become Their Own Bank

Entrepreneur Chris Naugle Is Teaching People How to Become Their Own Bank

We stand to learn a lot from the tumultuous times we are facing. Things like innovation and self-reliance are moving from radical ideas to mainstream processes are people realize that unexpected challenges continually remain on the horizon. Facing this reality, many of us are turning towards financial independence and adjusting our mindset on money management. Entrepreneur and wealth advisor Chris Naugle is taking this a step further by teaching people how to become their own banks.

Known as America’s number one money mentor, Chris has built a successful career managing over 30 million dollars for the financial services industry along with millions in investments in real estate. “Money is transactional. That is what creates a potentially skewed power dynamic,” states Chris. “No matter if it is in a bank or an asset, money moves, and with the right investment strategy we can take a little more control over the transaction with less going out and more coming in.”

Understanding the transactional nature of money is one thing, but it is essential to utilize that concept by making it work for you. “The biggest money mistake I see is money just constantly going out to pay bills and living expenses,” explains Chris. “This is a one-sided transaction. Look at money as a relationship and build one that is mutually beneficial.” By thinking along these lines, Chris has been teaching people how to essentially become their own banks.

Becoming your own bank supports financial independence rooted in self-reliance. “I’m not anti-bank at all, but when you diversify your money and put it in the right assets, that money will work a lot harder for you,” describes Chris. “When that money grows and increases, you’ve now become your own bank with the opportunity to withdraw, save, and invest funds at your discretion.”

Chris’s leadership has earned him recognition by Forbes, ABC, and House Hunters. With an HGTV pilot show since 2014, Chris has been able to reach people curious about becoming their own banks and facing the future with more certainty. Chris explains further, “it’s important to have direction, but you want an element of control as well.” Mindest and action propelled Chris to financial success, and he is dedicated to sharing that with the world.

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