Entrepreneur Eli Rossman Has Spawned the Next Generation in Fanbase Building With Upturn Network

Eli Rossman has always loved music. Since he was young, he has been looking for a way to combine his passion with his career and has finally uncovered just what that looks like. Today, Eli is the founder and CEO of Upturn Network. The playlisting company has generated over 40,000,000 streams and gotten tracks in front of 7,000,000 listeners in just over a year of operation.

There are a number of independent artists from across Spotify who get showcased on throughout Upturn’s network on a variety of hand-picked. People love discovering new music, and Eli’s company has helped make that much easier to do.

There is already a burgeoning and active fanbase for several of the artists promoted through the playlists Eli has carefully curated. In fact, some of the songs in Upturn Network’s playlists have been included in Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts in Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and Panama. Some have even made their way into Spotify’s daily Top 200 internationally.

Eli enjoys the work of curating a network of playlists. He has always been a huge fan of underappreciated and lesser-known music that he felt deserved to get heard by more people around the world. He is not alone in wanting to give shine to artists, given his playlist network has amassed over 700,000 followers to date. It will not be long before he reaches a million followers if history is any indication.

One major focus of Eli’s is to place emphasis on developing strong relationships with independent curators. He wants to see playlists developed that have high retention rates, leading people to keep coming back and playing them for personal enjoyment or sharing them out to friends.

Eli also has a hand in crafting in-house talent like Issana, The Rossman Ensemble, and other smaller acts. Christmas artist The Rossman Ensemble has been especially popular, entering Spotify’s daily Top 200 in multiple days in December. This feat was achieved without any 3rd party promotion at all, with playlists carrying the entire load. Currently, the artist’s monthly listener peak is around 1.7 million. The massive amount of playtime The Rossman Ensemble received over November and December of 2020 is a testament to how successful Eli’s playlist curation has become and the power it holds.

With the help of relationships he has forged with artists and curators of Upturn Network who have created playlists, Eli has been able to see massive organic growth. This growth is admittedly being underutilized by Eli, who plans on leveraging that base infrastructure to greater heights soon.

Going forward, Eli hopes to curate more playlists of underappreciated artists on the verge of fame, specifically in Western genres. He also is looking to open the door to more users creating their own stellar playlists through Upturn Network in the future. If you’re looking for it carefully crafted Spotify playlists of music you have probably never heard before, then Eli’s your guy.

You can visit the Upturn Network website to learn more. You can also check out The Rossman Ensemble, Upturn Network’s Christmas artist here.

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