In any startups to big companies, sales still holds an integral role In determining the success of the business. Look at sales as a middle person, understanding the needs of a consumer and bridging a product/service that can fulfill their desire. Here are some of the key instruments that helped entrepreneur Hai Dinho in his business journey:

Awareness: Prospecting Leads

In B2B marketing, the sales funnel starts by identifying ‘leads’ who are consumers/businesses that are potentially In need of your product or service. Every problem has a solution, in this case, distinguish the problem and provide a solution. Entrepreneur Hai Dinho implemented these methods for prospecting his leads for his financial service company: cold calls, social media, networking, referrals, tradeshows, and advertising.

Discovery: Qualifying Leads, Initial Meeting & Define Prospect Needs

The lead qualification process begins after the acquisition of potential prospects. Building rapport and asking qualifying questions will only do 2 things for every business… build trust and If they even qualify for your service! These questions will help determine if the prospect has: the budget to afford your service/product, solve their problems, or is the decision-maker in this process.

Evaluation: Make An Offer

By asking open-ended questions and allowing the prospect to speak for most of the time, the ball is now in your court. You have all the crucial support for any rebuttals. Entrepreneur Hai Dinho mentioned to us that this is his favorite part. Take control of the conversation, explain your solution with concrete evidence, and propose an offer.

Intent: Negotiation and Finalize The Proposal

Entrepreneur Hai Dinho provided us with some tips in negotiating a deal. Dinho often uses scarcity in his pitch for example, “As much as we would like to help every business, unfortunately, we have 1 slot available this month to take on due to volume”. This is all a psychological game Dinho said. “It doesn’t matter if I have 10 slots or 5 available, I often use 1 to portray that a plethora of prospects is interested in this service/product. If you choose to walk away, I will have someone sign up right after you. Second It will create an urgency to sign with you today”.

Purchase: Closing The Deal

After displaying a solution to the prospect’s needs, sealing the deal shouldn’t be difficult to achieve. At the end of the day you understand that If you have a fantastic product/service It should sell itself!

Loyalty: Deliver The Product/Service

If you made it to the last step, take this time to pat yourself on the back. Dinho mentioned to us he appreciates his clients by gifting a mug or notebook with his logo. Think long term, deliver your service/product, provide excellent customer support and repeat the cycle.

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