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Entrepreneur Jan Jens From Starting Solo to Establishing a Multimillion-Dollar Luxury Rental Business

How a holiday from hell sowed the seeds of the Jatina Group.

In any journey worth taking, the destination is secondary to the thrill of the ride. It’s the journey that changes us and makes us the people we are, as Jan Jens found out when he packed his bags and hopped on the plane from Germany to Miami to find his fortune and fate.

“It seems a long time ago now when I went on a holiday in Miami that changed my life but it was only seven years ago,” revealed the 29-year-old entrepreneur.

Jens is referring to the vacation of 2014 when he had his lightbulb Eureka moment. “I was staying in a villa and the customer service was dire. I thought I could do a lot better and so that’s what I did,” explained the man who now owns a multi-million-dollar luxury rental business in the Sunshine State.

Previous to the move Jan had worked for his family’s construction business, but he didn’t find the building of supermarkets and malls fulfilling. Besides which he wanted to be his own boss and live life on his own terms

Jens explained, “I came up with a workable strategy, a sound business plan, and managed to persuade my father to front up $39,000 in capital so I could rent a villa in Miami and get the ball rolling.”

The ball rolled, momentum built, and before long, Jens was building an empire.

“At first it was quite daunting. $39,000 was a lot of money for me back then and starting a new business venture is always a risk,” explained Jens. “I also wanted to pay my dad back every penny ASAP to prove his faith in me was well-placed.”

Within three months his dad was reimbursed, faith was restored, and Jens’ journey was just beginning. Jatina Group is a multi-million concern with an extensive property portfolio, and has built an enviable reputation as a business that caters to high-end clients looking to experience a taste of luxury and sophistication when in Miami.

Jens said, “For me, being financially independent is a true blessing. I live by my own actions and I am completely responsible for the choices I make and that’s the way I like it. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved to date but there’s so much more to come. Looking back, it’s safe to say a holiday from hell became a holiday of a lifetime.”


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