Entrepreneur Jeffrey Santulan Talks About the Pandemic’s Impact on Global Business

From a troublesome teenager to a successful entrepreneur, a lover of arts and a visionary planner on future-proofing his ventures for the post-pandemic world, Jeffrey Santulan is a man of sharp insights, strong industry knowledge, and a keen investor.

From troublemaker to change-maker

Growing up, children display several kinds of emotional and physical changes. These changes are a normal consequence of hormonal changes within the body and, at other times, might be a cause for worry and signal impending conflicts that may occur in later years. Since early adolescence is a crucial juncture of developmental journey, few might be vulnerable enough to take the wrong turn. This is where the significant role of a mentor steps in.

Renowned entrepreneur and investor, Jeffrey Santulan‘s formative years were somewhat similar. A notorious teenager with a very limited worldview, Santulan’s personality took a U-turn after he met his mentor, Grant Cardone. What connected them both was their shared childhood experiences of being a constant troublemaker.

Cardone was not just a motivator and role model to Santulan, he was quick to notice Santulan’s business acumen and helped him reach his full potential entitled. Cardone introduced Santulan to the world of new ideas and provided him with knowledge, support, and a positive influence to become a successful entrepreneur and make a mark in the world. And thus started Santulan’s journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur in diverse industries such as entertainment, technology, and finance. Santulan’s career pedigree reflects his top-notch insight in business, as well as his sharp decision-making and analytical abilities.

Santulan’s series of successful ventures

He is the co-founder of the film production company, Argonaut MG, that closed a $100M+ picture deal with Netflix and is expected to produce 12 movies in the next three years. He is also the co-founder of investment firm SGM International with offices in Los Angeles and London, an early investor of $7 billion in SoFi, an online personal finance company, currently valued at $4.5 billion and is presently a large stakeholder in Space X, Tesla, and Square. And the startlingly impressive list of ventures attached to his name continues to increase.

On COVID-19’s Impact on Global Businesses

While interviewing him about his viewpoint on businesses significantly impacted by Covid-19, he delivered insights that we all can learn from. According to Santulan, most companies are faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of this public health crisis. As businesses are getting ready to embrace the muted economic recovery, they are also faced with an increased threat of new challenges. To outmaneuver them, businesses now need to build the competencies that they wish they’d invested in before – to be more digital, data-driven, and on the cloud, to have more variable cost structures, agile operations, and automation, and to create stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security.

Pivot to survive

Santulan is now using his innate inclination towards numbers to reassess his financial and investment decisions for long-term prospects. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed experiences―as customers, employees, citizens, and humans― their attitudes and behaviors are changing. As a co-founder of Argonaut MG, he is all set to pivot to innovate the way arts and entertainment are designed and produced, to communicate and run the experiences that people need and want in the post-pandemic world.

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