Entrepreneur Jennifer Carrasco is Using Her Hard-Knock Life Knowledge to Help Others Succeed

Jennifer Carrasco is doing all she can to make the world a better place

Jennifer Carrasco has built herself and her career upon three ideals: connection, conversation, and communication. By way of open communication with those she works with and herself, Carrasco has found she can create honest, product conversation and meaningful connection. Combining these three sentiments, Jennifer Carrasco is now the founder of Virago Skin & Body Studio, competes as an IFBB pro athlete, and is a health coach on Instagram.

“I do not believe in having a career; it’s a passion.” Jennifer Carrasco is a self-described “serial powerhouse entrepreneur.” Whenever she commits herself to a goal or project, there is no looking back. Over two decades ago, Carrasco founded Virago Skin & Body Studio, a skincare line backed by science and would truly show real results. Through Virago, she was able to find her footing and a passion for entrepreneurship. With this newfound entrepreneurial spirit, Carrasco went on to pursue other passions, including becoming a health and fitness coach. She focuses on helping women stay healthy while being happy in the body that they are in.

Recently, Carrasco introduced her 6-week metabolism program, another tool she is using to help people with their daily fitness. “I am helping others with the knowledge I have attained over the years of hard knocks,” Carrasco shares. “It could be body visions, business goals, or straight mental mentorship.” Watching her team and clients transform into the persons they want to become has been the most rewarding part of all the endeavors Carrasco has embarked upon to this point in her career. However, with all the success she has found in recent decades, the journey wasn’t always easy.

“Six years ago, I found myself in a deep depression, divorced for the second time, bankrupt for the second time, and way in over my head in debt,” Carrasco recalls. In her lowest moment, Carrasco took it upon herself to reflect on what aspects of life truly matter. She realized she needed to focus on what she thought of herself in order to grow as a person and an entrepreneur. “I stopped caring about what others thought I should do and felt my way into what I knew is right. Ninety-nine percent or more will never do this. Doing the work means doing the daily work.”

Dreaming big and taking risks as an entrepreneur has transformed how Jennifer Carrasco approaches her career and life. She explains what it takes to achieve this mindset as needing “to do all these things and have others raise their eyebrow at how selfish we are because we believe we know that to create the life we truly dream about for our family and ourselves, we must take actions that merely others won’t. We must do what others won’t so we can live life like they can’t.”

You can follow Jennifer Carrasco on her Facebook and Instagram and learn more about her business pursuits on her website.

Christian Anderson

Written by Christian Anderson

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