Entrepreneur Justin Owens’ Success Story and Giving Back to the Black Community

Justin Owens has spent the last few years growing as an entrepreneur and business leader in Atlanta. Coming from a humble beginning has motivated Owens all through his life. Starting from a young age, he learned the values of hard work from his parents, who owned their own business, which he worked at growing up.

“Seeing what my parents were able to do with their own business inspired me to want to create the same independence for myself,” says Owens.

With a strong and supportive foundation to grow from, he has created quite the life and success for himself, both personally and professionally. He understood, early on in his life, that it was essential to learn and understand certain topics and industries in order to get ahead and achieve his goals. This mindset has encouraged him to support others around him to do the same.

Supporting individuals is more than just a passion of Justin’s, it is a way of life. Owens wants to see more young Black individuals achieve success without a ball or microphone in their hands. He has dedicated himself to giving back to his own community through education and opportunity. Showing people that look similarly to him what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and leader through investing, learning about money, and business. Owens has become a walking testimony for many individuals who share his physical traits.

A large part of his personal and professional foundations stem from his strong faith. Faith, according to Owens is a huge part of life, as it is what he ran on when he left with the mindset of having a guaranteed check when he began his business ventures several years ago. Something that he will still share today is that it was totally worth it, but at the time when he didn’t know when he’d see a check again, faith is what kept him going.

One of Owens’s main focuses is helping to fund ministries that take part in doing missionary work around the world. Along with his mentor, Owens has helped facilitate aid work in Africa, assisting missionaries to build water filtration systems. Additionally, he has been involved in charity work throughout the Atlanta area, which supports people getting back on their feet after long terms of struggle.

In Owens’ free time, when he is not volunteering or working at his local ministry, he spends a lot of time with his daughter. He is also a dedicated Indiana Colts and LA Lakers fan. He enjoys watching and attending sporting events with friends and family.

To learn more about Justin Owens or his concepts, please visit him at www.newageceos.com or

www.youshouldtrade.com.  You can get connected with him on Instagram at @Newageceo or through Facebook @Justin Owens, or you can also send a text “invest” to 80123.


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