Entrepreneur Kemal Üres speaks about how a positive mindset can boost overall development

The usual reason for any businessman or entrepreneur to make investments is to generate higher returns in the future. Building a strong business profile and helping other businesses grow, Kemal Üres is gradually changing the business scene in Germany. Hailing from Hamburg, the 43-year old entrepreneur believes that stepping out of the comfort zone is the first step towards success. He is a perfect coach, mentor and guide who majorly focuses on the overall development of a person. Known for his motivational speeches, Kemal has his formal training in commercial education and is a trained hotel expert and a coach specialized in Change Management.

In his career span of almost 2 decades, the entrepreneur has flourished by making some smart investments. His coachings of self-development have changed the lives of many young minds who are now successful businessmen. Moreover, he emphasizes more on having a positive mindset. “When you think positive, the results are positive. It all begins with your mindset. What matters is how you nurture and train your mind”, quoted Üres. With qualities like empathy, leadership, and self-motivation Kemal Üres is by far one of the most prominent coaches in Germany today.

Before gaining tremendous success as a life coach, Kemal himself witnessed highs and lows in his life. Remembering the days of struggle, he stated that depression had hit him hard when he did not know about his life purpose. He was quoted saying, “The only thing I had was self-belief and the attitude of never giving up. When you practice gratitude and transform challenges into opportunities, nobody has the power to overpower you.” It is through his teachings, Kemal has become a favorite coach of many young people in Germany. Through his work, he has influenced and touched the lives of many people.

The entrepreneur while growing up in his profession competed with his work and created a path of his own rather than following others. As a businessman, he says that one must take risks to grow in life. After a successful run in the food industry, Kemal has his plans to invest in the real-estate sector. His successful venture ‘Daily You’ has been a favorite spot of many food lovers and he plans to expand the food chain in the future. An ardent traveler and an avid reader, Kemal Üres is currently writing a book which he will launch next year.

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