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Entrepreneur Kevin Macri and His Process to Reach Million Dollars in Sales in Just 5 Months

Getting out of your comfort zone, being constant, and getting creative are some of the tools that Macri used to achieve success.

After venturing into life as YouTuber, 23-year-old Kevin Macri, retaining his entrepreneurial spirit and obeying the life’s purpose he has set for himself throughout his youth, takes another step in his growth as an entrepreneur. This time, he is entering the digital marketing and sales process environment.

Like many young people, Macri had always dreamed of having the opportunity to achieve success. To become a recognized entrepreneur, carry out his projects, and even achieve financial freedom. For this reason, in 2017, he arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Uruguay. There, he begins his path of growth and the search for real opportunities.

Initially, he became known through YouTube, being part of a very well known team in the platform, managing to obtain more than 100 million reproductions and even touring nationally and internationally. This step gave him the push to make himself known and grow as a public figure, an aspect that would later help him to progressively scale up his process in digital marketing.

His growth did not stop, after recognizing the potential within social networks to start a new business, Macri focused on boosting his digital platforms with various digital marketing strategies. Content has been one of his strongest points, thanks to his consistency and creativity, he has managed to reach over half a million followers in Instagram, allowing him to strategically position his brand.

All this has allowed him to increase his projects even more. Currently, he has a team of social network salespeople that exceeds 50 people and in just 5 months he has achieved a million dollars in sales.

It’s All About Creativity and Strategy

For Macri, strategy and creativity are two infallible elements within digital marketing. He considers that both aspects must be based on any process of growth in social networks.

Given the breadth of the digital environment, having an appropriate strategy, and knowing how to manage it creatively will allow your brand to have a real impact on any platform. Knowing what to communicate, at what time, and using the right channel, will help the marketing process to deliver the expected results.

However, it ensures that this is only achieved through experience and work. It is not a matter of luck or chance.

Being Constant is Another Requirement

As in any aspect of life, in business, consistency is essential. Even more so, when it comes to seeing results on social networks. Growth in the digital environment is progressive, so maintaining consistency, even without seeing results at first, is ideal.

Dedicating time and effort to the marketing strategies designed to achieve positioning is an elemental step. Doing it intermittently will be very inappropriate and the absence of favorable results may end up being demotivating.

Macri recognized this from the beginning and has been able to stay focused on achieving his goals. As a result, he has grown progressively and favorably.

Expecting success overnight or just a few days into a digital marketing journey is a common mistake, especially in such a wide and competitive industry. “That alone made it possible for me to be who I am today and to have what I have.”

Innovation Must Be Permanent

For Macri, maintaining constant innovation within his sales and digital marketing strategy development process is of paramount importance. He ensures that his daily content on the various platforms is designed to generate an impact on people, so being innovative to attract and make a difference is a priority.

In his opinion, growth goes hand in hand with innovation. That is why he spends much of his time generating innovative and creative content from his digital spaces, so that it can not only attract but also connect with the people who follow it and then achieve success

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Kevin Leyes

Written by Kevin Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company, and Leyes Media, an SMM and PR agency. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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