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Entrepreneur Marty Chapman Talks His Rise to CEO from his Humble Rockstar Beginnings

Here’s how to grow successful businesses from passion and creative work environments.

Just over a decade ago, Marty Chapman founded Marlo Holdings as the company through which he would manage the large number of clients and investments that he had accrued in his portfolio. Starting in retail in the early 1970s, Chapman quickly found his calling in the financial industry. Since then, he has held various banking and finance jobs, and Chapman even founded American Lending Solutions in 2007, which is now the largest loss mitigation firm in the United States. Even with all the success Chapman has come to possess, business finance was not the entrepreneur’s first career choice; rock and roll was.

An avid guitar player to this day, Chapman had dreams of the rock star lifestyle. Early on in his life, he even toured and recorded with various bands. In need of money though, Chapman turned to a desk job, which he swore he would never do. However, the hopeful musician quickly found a knack in the financial industry. The key to his newfound success: finding a way to stimulate your brain. Chapman said that the adrenaline and pleasure he found in playing guitar and making music could also be found in creating investment solutions. Finding this drive for financial problem solving has taken Chapman to brand new height’s, nearly 50 years later. 

Living by the motto “no stop signs, no adversity” has been a part of the reason Chapman has led so many of his own businesses, and those of others, to massive success. In building his portfolio, the Miami-based businessman finds open communication with your clientele and with your staff to be a vital key to success. Chapman states that in his businesses, the employees do not work ‘for him’ but rather, ‘with him’. Allowing all of his staff to speak their mind and have open dialogue allows for business and personal growth for all involved. 

In a more recent endeavor, Chapman has taken to social media to share his keys to success with young, aspiring entrepreneurs. By speaking on his trials and tribulations, Chapman is inspiring the future generation of business owners. A common talking point for the successful entrepreneur is preparing yourself to deal with and overcome adversity. Everyone has their version of struggles and adversity, but for Chapman, the bigger question is “how will you overcome it?” He states that those who overcome their adversities will only be stronger because of it.

Going from aspiring rock star to entrepreneurial giant was not the career path that Chapman expected. Even though he is working in a field that he despised 50 years ago, Chapman has been able to use the same mindset he used for music to tackle his financial career. On top of it all, he has now been able to build a collection of over 50 guitars and still continue pursuing his passion for music in some capacity.

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