Entrepreneur Matt Mahvi’s Journey from Founding Staminus to Becoming Stackpath’s Series A Shareholder

Successful tech entrepreneurs often live through incredibly diverse journeys leading them from founder to shareholders and investors. Things move fast in the tech world, and no company is immune to multiple acquisitions throughout their lifetime. While money and ownership change hands quickly, every tech entrepreneur understands that it is all in the name of progress. Matt Mahvi’s journey from founding Staminus to becoming a Series A Shareholder in StackPath is undoubtedly one for the books.

A serial entrepreneur specializing in cybersecurity, Matt started his first company at 15. “From a young age, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and what we can do with it,” says Mahvi. “I was intent on finding modern solutions for the world we are living in.” In 2012 Mahvi launched Staminus, a cybersecurity firm well known for its exclusive government and Fortune 500 client list. Working at that high level truly pushed Mahvi and fueled his pursuit towards wanting to do more.

“Our work at Staminus was not just notable; it was revolutionary,” explains Mahvi. “We were able to secure three patents and prevent more than 3.5 million attacks. No matter where my career takes me, I will always look proudly on Staminus, recognizing that is where it all started.” After extensive work aiding law enforcement agencies and protecting roughly 1% of the internet, Staminus was acquired four years after its founding at a significant multiplier.

Following the acquisition of Staminus, Mahvi became a Series A shareholder in StackPath, a computing platform headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With funding from investors such as Abry Partners, Juniper Networks, and Cox Communications, StackPath has managed to secure USD 396 million. Mahvi states, “StackPath has an exciting future ahead, and I am humbled that I get to be involved.”

Mahvi’s experience is invaluable to the field of cybersecurity. Specializing in advanced low-level software architecture and hyper-scale projects requiring secure data communication, Mahvi is well known as one of the industry’s top experts. Sought after for his skillset and bold vision, Matt Mahvi’s journey from founder to Series A shareholder is a bit to be expected. With that kind of determination and talent, it’s no wonder why he is becoming one of the biggest names in tech.

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