Entrepreneur Nitesh Seth’s Advice for Startup

Do you have a revolutionary business idea and want to start a startup? So, stay with Nitesh Seth and check out the 4 Advice for managing a startup that Attentive Contabilidade prepared for you.

“Startups are known for promoting a real revolution in people’s lives and in the way they relate to each other as a society.” Says Nitesh.

In general, startups present innovative ideas and differentiated solutions for people and companies. Among companies that were once considered startups and today are a real success, for example, Uber and Ola.

But, after all, in addition to a really innovative business idea and proposal, what did these companies do to stand out in the market?

Check out some important points shared by Nitesh Seth that help answer that question following this content.

Advice #1: Develop an efficient business plan

The elaboration of a complete and efficient business plan is the first point of attention related to the management of a startup.

It is in the business plan that we define the most relevant points for the future of the company, its business and also the growth strategy of the startup.

Therefore, before putting your ideas into practice, prepare a business plan that, among other factors, contains the following:

  • Capital to be invested in the startup;
  • Products and services to be offered;
  • Marketing and expansion plan;
  • Profile of customers to be reached.

Advice #2: Use advanced tools for business management

After drafting a complete business plan, you will be on the right track for the correct management of a startup.

However, to move towards success, the evolution of your startup will need to be closely monitored.

Therefore, we recommend that you use advanced and appropriate tools for the management of a successful startup.

Use technology in favour of your business and allow your startup to take off and reach a large market share.

Advice #3: Take special care with the financial management of your startup

When it comes to managing a startup, we cannot ignore the importance of complete and effective financial management.

In general, startups usually present good ideas and attract a lot of financial resources through investors and incubating companies.

However, in order to achieve the expected results, it is essential to manage the startup’s finances as a whole with transparency and efficiency.

Advice #4: Graphical analysis, reports and performance indicators

Finally, when listing Advice for managing a startup, it is worth highlighting the importance of frequent monitoring of graphs, reports and performance indicators.

These tools are essential so that we can be sure that the startup is on the right track and also in order to monitor its evolution and results over time.

Nitesh Seth is the founder of S2O – Website Development Company in Amritsar If you have any questions to ask please Follow Nitesh Seth on Facebook and Instagram.

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