Entrepreneur Obaid Belresheed Emphasizes the Importance of CSR

In the present-day scenario, when companies are continually striving and making all possible attempts to leave a permanent mark in the market, they not only have to take all the necessary measures to satisfy their clients but also have a responsibility towards the environment, society, and their employees. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role and helps companies achieve many goals, thereby enabling them to secure a permanent place for themselves in the market. A brilliant and enterprising multi-billionaire Emirati entrepreneur, Obaid Belresheed, who belongs to the Emirati family, understands the significance of CSR and follows a comprehensive system to ensure a bright and sustainable future for the people around him.

Obaid Ali Obaid Belresheed Alketbi, famously known as Obaid Belresheed or OB, was born in the United Arab Emirates. He started his first company, Belresheed Real Estate, in 1993, which was just a stepping stone for him. Since then, Belresheed has crossed several milestones and has established several companies under his name.

Apart from Belresheed Real Estate, Belresheed is the proud and victorious owner of Belresheed Building Contracting, Goldenwood, Auto Deals, Security Services, Technical Contracting, GTR Motors, Al Bataeh Cleaning, Al Mazaih Travel and Tourism, and OB Info Tech. Each of these companies has enabled him to get engaged, immersed, and establish his presence in all sectors worldwide.

Belresheed is an entrepreneur who doesn’t hold earning money to be the most important aspect of his business. With a strong and compelling desire to taste success, he made sure that he gave utmost importance to the people around him, their needs and wants, thereby building his grand empire on the basic foundation of trust and credibility.

Being a man of high principles, Belresheed has a strong inclination towards living a luxurious life. He has worked his way up to achieve that opulent lifestyle. He owns a fleet of luxury cars and enjoys the splendid affluence of being the owner of several luxury villas. Leading a luxurious life, however, doesn’t mean that Belresheed is self-focused. He believes in doing good work for society and the people around him. He is actively involved in working for society, be it building a mosque in Sharjah or building schools to give the youth access to education. His passion for serving the community is also evident when he donated 1 million DH to Sandooq Al Watan, an initiative launched by His Excellency Khalifa bin Ahmed Saif bin Jabr Al Suwaidi. This initiative was featured in Gulf News and also reported by the Emirates News Agency.

Belresheed has proven that even the sky is not the limit if you work on something with complete willpower, determination, and hard work. Over the years, he has incessantly challenged himself to touch new heights of success and create new standards for himself and the world. His continuing and untiring efforts have proven that possessing a strong will is all that one needs to fulfill their dreams.

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