Entrepreneur Obaid Belresheed: My Aim Has Always Been to Make UAE one of the World’s top Luxury Destinations

Thriving on Core beliefs

Born in the Emirati royal family, Obaid Belresheed was always passionate about highlighting the pride of his family name by participating in multiple industry leadership opportunities. He believes business is not all about money; it is all about people and trust. Whenever he faced challenges in his business decisions, it was very easy for him to tackle them as his desire for becoming successful was very high.

Adding the Element of Pure Luxury in all Phase of Life

Luxury is a part of the Emirati lifestyle. He focused to be an entrepreneur not only for ordinary businesses but also to reach the peak luxury fulfilments in the form of building luxury villas, luxury apartments, luxury commercial properties, and luxury cars.

Whenever he required service or became passionate about anything, it was his culture to own the same for fulfilling it. For example, when he started with real estate, he thought about building his properties. Now he has built 80+ high-end properties. While constructing these properties, he sought to make all the required third-party services needed for any development company in-house.

And thus was born his tech company, OB InfoTech, providing world-class technology solutions such as software development, website solutions, mobile app development, and internet of things solutions. Al Bataeh Cleaning ensures hygiene and sanitation of his real estate properties remain top-notch. Belresheed Security Services is aimed at securing all buildings of the company and providing customers with the utmost security and peace of mind. He also established a technical contracting company to address the concerns of the inmates of the properties and offer them the most experienced vendors to resolve those concerns.

Seeking Inspiration From Life and Likeness

His holiday vacations all over the world drove him to start a travel agency. He is also a lover of super-luxury cars and owns quite a few. some for personal use and others for commercial purposes. That is not all. He owns several luxury villas as well. He is a man with a flair for opulence, fine living, and superlative living experience. He takes inspiration from the things he cherishes and established a business based on those. He aims to not just that live a life of luxury for himself but seeks to create an ecosystem where he can share his vision with others and push several more to dream for such a life too.

Playing a Crucial Life in the Overall Development of the UAE

Starting his business journey in 2001 with the foundation of the Belresheed Group, Obaid plays a new role in all major public initiatives by the UAE government and aims to develop UAE as one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. By adopting the principles of distinction and excellence, the company fully focuses on transparent quality and innovation in each project. Consequently, the company is keen on providing suitable and correct solutions for its high-net-worth customers.

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