Entrepreneur Omar Al Ashi: A Business Model That Is a New Norm Now!

What do you do first when you face any challenge and looking to solve a problem or even learning something new? Well, it’s a simple answer, you google it.

But at the same time, considering the massive volume of information available online, it is overwhelming for anyone to get the right information to fit the need and solve problems. The solution to this challenge is not more information but the right information in a structured format to solve a problem and add value.

The same was the answer of Omar Al Ashi from Dubai, UAE, who says that customers are overloaded with information because most of the content creators are just pushing data in an unstructured way without understanding the problems or requirements of their customers. It is important to understand customers’ problems, needs, desires, and then create structured content to produce a valuable outcome and solution.

On talking further, the Emirati Entrepreneur also considers having made a start in the same way as mentioned above. In his decade of corporate career, he faced similar challenges while implementing million-dollars technology projects. There was no single source to gain the required knowledge, and he used to spend countless hours in trial and error. 

So, in this way, Omar’s idea is to provide the best technology and at an affordable price.

As a matter of fact, Omar is surely a hardworking soul and thinks outside the box. He started his own online marketplace for vehicle rentals in 2019 again with a broader vision to help the entire MENA market. He launched ‘Urentthat now helps people around the MENA region in renting vehicles easily.

After analyzing the growth in his business, he decided to facilitate this model to other traditional rental companies to completely digitalize their businesses via Urent Mobile App.

People like Omar are totally meant to aspire to inspire. He also offered aspiring entrepreneurs with a small piece of advice- “Start your digital business journey. Never worry about the competition because they cannot provide something that you have. What you have is really unique, and the world is now in need more than ever before.”

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