Entrepreneur Shreyam Shukla Is Taking Over The Business World With His Modern Approaches

At the mere age of 18, Shreyam Shukla is a founder of Decaf Media, an agency that offers services such as e-commerce, dropshipping, marketing, filmmaking, and real estate. The young mind has paved his way to success and the credit goes to his sheer dedication and hard work.

As a young entrepreneur, Shukla has opted for modern approaches in lifting his business. From being in sync with public demand to making the most out of the digital technologies, Shukla has done it all while battling all odds.

In today’s time, where everything is just a click away, Shukla has mounted his venture on social media and his Instagram in legit proof. Being an e-commerce site, Decaf Media is soaring high on success with its customers spreading across the globe.

In an earlier interview, Shukla shared the secret to his success, saying, “No one knows the right idea since the beginning, no one has magic everyone has to try something or the other luckily I chose a product for my first clothing brand which was a need for people. Later on, when I found dropshipping initially I spent around 2000-3000$ waste in marketing and Facebook ads. It’s just all about that one decision that changes your life.”

It was back in 2018 when Shukla visited LA that attracted him towards the fashion and lifestyle industry, thus pushing him to start an e-commerce business, and ever since then there was no looking back.

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