Entrepreneur & Social Worker Bomma Satya Prasad is an Inspiration to Today’s Youth

Sree Bomma Satya Prasad Garu was born in Khammam on November 21, 1982, with a broad spectrum of intelligence, intricate mindedness, and a chivalrous temperament. Sri Bomma Satya Prasad garu is a renowned person and came from a very familiar family of khammam district.

Throughout his stellar academic career, he rose to the top of his field and excelled in all aspects. In his current role as vice president of Bomma Rajeshwara Rao Educational Welfare Society and vice-chairman of Bomma Group of Institutions.

During the pandemic, all educational institutions including schools were closed under a centralized policy across the country. Now, even after being exempted from complete ban in all areas, special precaution is being taken in opening schools. While this may be appropriate from the point of view of controlling the epidemic, this school closure has widened the already existing educational gap between the privileged and marginalized children.

On the one hand, the organization of online classes as an alternative to traditional classroom teaching is being promoted as a big step towards democratization of education. Digital barrier has been created.

There is no doubt that the teaching process has changed a lot with computers and mobile phones replacing chalk and blackboards. But it is also important to consider what this change means for students from disadvantaged sections and vulnerable backgrounds.

It is not that the children of the affluent class who have access to computer and internet are not being negatively affected by this education conducted through virtual mediums. It has been proved by many studies that virtual education cannot be a substitute for traditional schooling.

On the one hand, school education is absolutely necessary for the all-round development of the student, on the other hand, the level of understanding of students studying through online classes has also been found to be less than the students who sit directly in front of the teacher in the class.

Clearly, technology is only a helper at its best. It cannot complement the classroom teaching. It is also important to note that effective use of digital media in school education is possible only in the actual teaching room. Today every child is not able to perform their potential properly due to school closure.

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