Entrepreneur Somayeh Noor Nominated as One of the Most Fashionable Businesswomen in the UAE

Style and substance are the norms of the business world today. With women entering and leading different competitive fields, the rules of business are indeed changing. Women have helped evolve the business in several ways, including a rising consciousness about fashion at the workplace. Leading the business world with her insight, inherent style, and unrivaled fashion sense is Somayeh Noor. She was nominated as one of the most fashionable businesswomen in the UAE.

Her presence in business as a force to reckon within the real estate industry and her sense of style has not gone unnoticed. In June this year, Noor was nominated as UAE’s most fashionable businessman by the World Beauty Association. This international association seeks the most stylish women in different countries. Noor’s charm seems to be in her ability to blend traditional aesthetics with a modern edge. She says, “I’m an educated woman. I come from a line of business people. Fortunately, I was taught to think for myself. My fashion choices reflect my personality and the seriousness with which I approach both work and life.”

Noor comes from a world where tradition rules the roost. Here, change comes slowly. Noor entered the family business when it was not common or socially acceptable for women to work. Noor is a self-taught expert. She started learning about investing by reading books, magazines, and newspaper articles. Noor added, “I followed my passion and unleashed my latent potential. Today, I have been blessed with success, and I seek to empower other women so that they can chase their dreams too.”

Her Instagram handle is a treat to her followers who gain an insight into the fashionista’s personal and business preferences. Her followers see her in a mix of glamorous and business-minded avatars. Asked about her fashion style, the budding diva says, “It’s personal, and it’s sharp. I’m not too fond of tardiness in life – whether work or pleasure. I like to keep my style somewhere between casual and formal so that I can slip into the different roles that my work demands of me.”

Young, daring, and raring to go, Noor has found the perfect meeting ground for the two loves of her life – fashion and business. As she continues to score on both fronts, her legion of supporters and followers continue to rise, echoing the change that’s on its way.

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