Entrepreneur Steven Basalari on How He Found Success in the Nightlife Industry

Steven Basalari, 27, had a headstart as an entrepreneur as he watched his parents grow their own businesses and matured around them.

Now one of the prominent faces of the Italian nightlife industry, Basalari turns to e-commerce to help new entrepreneurs around the world find the same success that he has cultivated over his young and illustrious career. “Personal branding is the best investment ever,” says Basalari.

E-commerce is a growing industry where entrepreneurs can sell their own products without holding a product on hand. Dropshipping or e-commerce allows entrepreneurs to invest in products without holding the risk of expiring stock and a low-risk option to generate cash flow. The industry is built on personal branding and marketing.

Basalari is no stranger to marketing himself in order to generate business. After managing his father’s nightclub, Kacao, and learning directly from one of Italy’s biggest figures in the nightlife industry, he added a new layer of attraction for his father’s clubs at the young age of 18.

“I was able to bring world-renowned  DJs and international singers. These included big names like Rich the Kid, 6ixnine, Gunna, Farruko, Alesso, Steve Aoki, and many more to the clubs simply through connection,” says Basalari.

Now 27, Basalari owns three clubs of his own across the Qi Club franchise. The next step for Basalari is to add more dimensions to his already boisterous resume.

“You must always have your feet on the ground and learn day after day,” he says. Basalari found success when he wasn’t really looking.

Sami Baaid, a 16-year-old entrepreneur at the time, messaged Basalari looking for entrepreneurs interested in investing in digital marketing. After chatting online about the potential of e-commerce, Basalari was intrigued and asked Baaid to meet with him to discuss more about the industry. The two are now equal business partners running one of Italy’s fastest-growing e-commerce brands.

While not in a large market like North America, Basalari considered his location a tool to learn and sell their business more efficiently.

“When you think you cannot succeed in your small business because you live in a small remote village or the people around you do not support you enough, ask yourself if these are really the reasons that can determine your success,” he says. “The results we achieve are not only the result of our talents and abilities but the approach that allows us to reach the success we aspire for.”

Basalari wants to reciprocate his success for up and coming entrepreneurs by teaching them how to grow successfully. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with visible goals or benchmarks and success will come.

“Print it if necessary, write it where you want, put it as wallpaper on the phone, record it and use it as a ringtone, but never forget that if you don’t give up, you can’t fail and nothing or nobody can ever stop you,” he says.

To learn more about Steven Basalari check out his Instagram here.

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