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Entrepreneur Tom Moyal on His Passion for Helping Brands Harness Social Media to Bolster Growth

Tom Moyal shares his passion for social media marketing and how brands are leveraging it to scale their growth.

Entrepreneur Tom Moyal on His Passion for Helping Brands Harness Social Media to Bolster Growth
Entrepreneur Tom Moyal on His Passion for Helping Brands Harness Social Media to Bolster Growth

Social media has, to no small extent, transformed the way businesses are now conducted. Today, it has become an indispensable arsenal in a marketing campaign to bridge the communication gap between the brands and consumers and drive sales. According to entrepreneur and social marketing expert Tom Moyal, “From a business standpoint, harnessing the power of social media is an intelligent way to generate leads and increase sales with minimal investment. Leveraging the apps used by a global audience has become the need of the hour to transcend boundaries and acquire new business, broaden network, and gain worldwide presence.”

Co-founder of the digital marketing agency Digital Event, Moyal has successfully helped his clients scale their business by integrating and employing diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and more, into the branding campaigns to bolster growth. Speaking of his passion for helping brands reach their true earning potential, Moyal shares, “The entire world is on one or the other social media app, making it vital for brands to invest in digital marketing. I love helping brands augment their reach and connect with their target audience, as embracing change and cultivating an impressive online presence is quintessential for a company’s success.”

Brands recognize the benefits of social media platforms as a powerful communication channel and are consciously moving away from the traditional form of advertising. But, while the rewards are tremendous, getting social media techniques right can be a challenge. There is a myriad collection of tools, services, and techniques available to help boost traffic on your page. However, social media platforms are competitive and require the expertise of a digital marketing agency to help guide you navigate the space and stand out to attract the prospective consumer. This is where Moyal steps in and mentors his clients by offering his expertise. He asserts, “The growth of a brand depends on exceptional and impactful marketing strategies.”

Under Moyal’s guidance, Digital Event offers innovative solutions and an array of services to reinvent and revolutionize your brand to yield profits in a brief period. Its creative and customized digital marketing strategies have helped brands amplify their social media presence, generate quality leads, strengthen consumer engagement, widen consumer base, maximize brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, boost sales and gain a competitive edge.


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