Entrepreneur Vaibhav Popli is Helping People to Grow Their Businesses

He is one of the top leading entrepreneurs in India and is building a digital empire by helping people grow their brand value.

“Take a risk, keep experimenting with new tactics of the market because what did not work today, won’t work tomorrow, but what had a good start yesterday will surely work tomorrow.”

Vaibhav Popli an 18-year-old, belongs to Sirsa, Haryana. He is one of the top leading entrepreneurs in India and is building a digital empire by helping people grow their brand value on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google, YouTube, etc. He started off 4 years ago as a freelancer by doing Digital Promotion and Online Marketing at the age of 14. He completed his high school at V.N Senior Secondary Public School, Rania.

Since childhood, he had a keen interest in making people grow and he had invested his golden years in grasping the knowledge of Marketing and Promotion. He also had an interest in learning new things from Programming new applications and posting them live on the internet, to Learning how to manage social accounts. Whereas students of his age never really were sure of what to do in their life. All they care is about spending their parent’s hard-earned money on useless materialistic stuff life partying with friends, buying expensive video games, buying fancy stuff like expensive mobile phones and whatnot.

He was never really burdened with work as he chose his passion to create a path to his successful career. He never treated digital marketing as some work that he has to do on a daily basis, rather he enjoyed his passion and made out enough bucks to live a lavish lifestyle. Today Vaibhav’s work includes Social Media Management, YouTube Promotions, Online Press Releases, and Digital Promotions. He has a magnificent working portfolio as he has worked with many renowned celebrities like Romil Chaudhary (Contender in Big Boss), Maera Mishra (Contender in Splitsvilla,) and a few popular Punjabi artists like Shivjot, Javed Khan (Winner of India’s Got Talent,) some well-known Haryanvi singers like Gulzaar Chaniwala, along with some prominent influencers and successful entrepreneurs.

Vaibhav Popli is an ambitious personality and he aims to open his very own media company by collaborating with well-known Musicians and Influencers. He is also planning to open his personal Youtube Channel where he will be guiding freshers in this field about how to go about it and what are they do’s and Don’t of this field. He also claims that in order to create a brand and make it stand out in the market, there are a few tips that every person needs to follow. These are mentioned below:

1. Unique Identity
2. Presentation
2. Specialization
4. Marketing
5. Digital Presence
6. Going with the Trend
7. Observing the market and its Competition
8. Experimenting
9. Connectivity and availability
10. Coordination with the team


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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