Entrepreneur Vedang Shahane Shares Tips to Increase Social Media Reach

Vedang Shahane is an Indian Entrepreneur known for Digital Marketing and Social Media. He is founder of Impester Media, a marketing company that provides digital marketing services. Vedang also writes about digital marketing and use of social media for business, Recently he shared 5 tips to improve organic reach on social media. It mentioned:

1. Consistency:

Consistency is the key in social media. For better audience recognition and increased organic reach, you must be consistent. Being consistent in your brand allows you to grow engagement ratio and reach. From background colour and font used in posts to the aesthetics of your profiles, you need to be consistent.

Post on social media every day if possible. Organic reach, which is the number of people you reach without paying for advertisement or post, can reach only a certain amount of people. Each time you post is a good opportunity to reach your audience. Posting consistently maximizes your organic reach.

2. Use of Hashtags:

Social media platforms help a lot in increasing organic reach through hashtags. So, using proper hashtags related to content will get you loads of organic impressions.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger then you can google “Top fashion hashtags in Instagram” or you can manually search the keyword “Fashion” and in the hashtag section, you can find a lot of hashtags with post count in millions. As per our research, any hashtag which has over millions of posts have a minimum of ten to twenty thousand followings, this can be super helpful to get increased engagement and organic reach.

3. Engaging with Audience:

Creating content that encourages the audience to engage is necessary. If you are able to make your audience not only like or comment but also tag and share content will make you gain a lot of following without any investment in advertisements.

People will never do share or comment if you never engage with them. Responding to comments or giving shout outs for using your hashtag gets you more engagement.

If someone is tagging you or reposting your content with any positive comment, always do repost them for good relations with your audience.

Increasing your organic reach is all about participating in the community.

4. Optimized Profile:

The optimized profile is a very important aspect for getting organic reach. Algorithm for every possible social media platform out there will never ever give organic reach to incomplete profiles.

Completing every field in the profile section will give you an improved reach. Even what keywords you include, and how you phrase your call-to-action also have an impact on organic reach. This applies to any and all social media platforms.

Important things to be considered while editing profile are: easy to remember username, Recognisable photo/brand logo, Keyword-rich descriptions, and Easily traceable link back to your website.

5. Right Balance of Content

Having the right balance between promotional and regular content that informs, educates, and entertains your audience is very important. The 80/20 Rule was the best to rule for effective social media marketing but nowadays it doesn’t work for all but it is fine to give it a try for your brand. Each company or individual has a different expectation, goals, and an overall different approach to strategy. It’s important to discover and test to see what represents your goals and fits your profile.

Take the time to define your brand and goals to set yourself up for stronger social media results. Having frequent analytics checks will give you an idea of what content is giving you more reach so you can pass it to your content creation team and plan further!

In the end, it’s all about engagement, optimization, and high-quality content. Get to know your audience and try to make engagement-driven content. Building an organic reach is not something you can do overnight but with the right practices, you will succeed.

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