Entrepreneur Vladislav Vodatinskij Talks About how to Overcome the Barriers for Independent Business

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” There are many more good ideas than there are ventures, and one of the main reasons for this is people’s fear of starting them.

The neurotic people often think in terms of imaginary losses and therefore seem to always want to win. It focuses more on what you could lose rather than the possible gains. First of all, we have to know that whenever we make a decision we will be leaving something aside. The lossless choice is only possible in fiction or dreams, but not in reality. Therefore the first step is to assume that being better is the consequence of our decision.
Keep your motivation fresh

Whether it’s for philanthropy or everyday need, one basic characteristic of entrepreneurship is motivation. Without that, it’s simply too easy to give up and settle for the status quo. Some useful tools are to set short and medium-term objectives; visualize what we want to achieve, what resources we have, and in what time we can do it; Recognize the factors that we cannot control, as well as prepare ourselves to determine what risks we can take.

A good way to understand what this is about is by categorizing them into vital, psychological, economic, and social. It is necessary to determine the state of our physical health since the brain thinks much better when its carrier is healthy.

Regarding the economic resources, they are easily understandable, not deserving special detention in them, something that the social ones do. Many times we do not value or justly appreciate the enormous capacity of ties in our emotional well-being. Having a solid network of friends or family will allow us to have support when we need it, it will be able to provide us with other points of view and, why not, alternatives to our ideas.

Entrepreneurship and the way of success:
Vladislav Vodatinskij is a German entrepreneur and founder of the consulting company ENGINEC. He turned his personal brand into a successful business.
Vodatinskij has over 1 Mio. followers on Instagram and more than 40 thousand followers on TikTok and has implemented these social media platforms in his business.

Power of problem-solving:
Let’s not anchor all or most of our condition of existence to the success of a project. Let us know that the perfect idea does not exist and that even the most successful ventures also have flaws.

The path towards successful entrepreneurship is rarely straightforward, which is why tenacity is so important. But tenacity isn’t just about gritting your teeth and steamrollering over problems. It’s about solving them and overcoming challenges.

The best example for getting successful business by solving problems is Eric Yuan, founder of Zoom. Born in China, Yuan had his visa request rejected by the United States no less than nine times. His persistence eventually paid off.

The idea for Zoom later came while working at various telecoms firms. Inspired by the need to keep in touch with his long-distance girlfriend, Yuan’s vision was for a fun, user-friendly video conferencing tool. He initially pitched the idea to bosses at Cisco, explaining that Zoom’s unique selling point was its virtual backgrounds that could make users look like they were anywhere in the world.

Cisco rejected the idea and Yuan left to go it alone. Unfortunately, investors weren’t forthcoming either, so Yuan turned to friends and family for help. The rest, as they say, is history. Zoom is now worth an estimated $35 billion.

Entrepreneurs need to take risks and to act:

Entrepreneurship comes with risk, and successful innovators aren’t afraid to embrace it. It is crucial that we value that the first victory is in the attempt itself, beyond the result. Reward and acknowledge your action.

That you cheered up on the first try. Then, it will come time to calmly analyze what happened so that you can adjust and refine everything you need.
Acting in accordance with our own desire will take work, determination, and courage. It will not be a path of roses or thorns. It will be our path and it will have the soil that we can put on it at that time.

If you’re keen to seek out your inner entrepreneur, try jotting down all the things you’re good at. You could even go as far as digging out old appraisals to see what line managers had to say.

If you think you fall short, never fear. The good news is that you can learn and develop all of these entrepreneurial characteristics. Just don’t give up.

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