Epic Systems Home Automation is Making At-Home Personalization Seamless Today

Technology is all around us, and that includes the very structure of our home settings and appliances. Leveraging technology in a whole new way, right where we live, is making ‘smart home automation’ the technology innovation of the future that is changing lives, improving lives, and making lives safer – especially for the elderly, those living with disabilities, and those living alone.

That’s why the New Jersey-based Epic Systems, a full-service residential and commercial electronics design and integration company, is making home automation accessible to everyone in and around Randolph.

Specializing in smart home technology that is becoming increasingly sought-after by residential and commercial business owners alike, Epic Systems is demonstrating how something as simple as home audio or a speaker system can totally revolutionize how we live our lives.

“We know that technology can do more than entertain – it can improve our lives and even make us safer with automated features that make it easier for elderly and disabled individuals to live on their own,” said Founder Joseph Caravella from Epic Systems. “It’s time that we all enjoy 21st century style living, given the technology we have at our fingertips today.”

Full-Suite of Home Automation Support

Epic Systems is versed in a variety of home automation, home theater, and smart home technology services, including house audio, television mounting, security systems, smart lighting, climate control, outdoor intercom systems, and the list goes on. Additionally, Epic Systems is able to provide support to older homes wishing to add a new level of technology and security to the structure.

“Many times, people assume that they need to have a brand-new home to be able to enjoy home automation,” said Caravella. “That’s just not true. We can run wires to support the latest technology while installing speakers, switches, and other tech hubs that make it easy to enjoy the benefits of technology in any setting.”

Epic Systems is responding to one of the most popularly requested services right now of voice control, which makes it easy to turn appliances, lights, and TVs on and off without moving. This kind of convenience creates a more relaxed environment, especially for those with mobility problems.

Leveraging the Power of Josh.ai

Epic Systems makes it all possible using their certification in Josh.ai, which accredits their ability to install a voice control system that is designed as a smart home device. Aware that security breaches and other cybersecurity concerns can make residents hesitant to try at-home technology, Epic Systems reaffirmed that Josh.ai is focused on privacy, so personal information is protected and encrypted from information breaches.

Epic Systems was founded as a security installation company but quickly grew into a fully-fledged smart home technology team of designers, engineers, and installers that share a passion for home automation. Today, the team can help with IoT connectivity, home theater placement, and upgraded WiFi in any home structure.

“I have seen how much technology can improve our lives, and I want as many people as possible to know about it,” concluded Caravella.

For more information, visit: https://epicsystems.tech/ or follow Epic Systems on Instagram @epichometheater

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