Eric Dalius Gives A Detailed View Of The Viral Marketing

Today people do have lots of options about a particular product. It is due to the easy availability of data and information on a specific product. So to convince the consumers about a product, companies need to have a great marketing strategy. Today people spend maximum time on their phones. Experts like Eric Dalius say that the demand and need for viral marketing came out of this.

If a particular video of a product becomes popular, it automatically creates a sensation among social media users. Be it a video or a picture or some hashtag quote; everything can go viral with the speed of light. Standing in this internet age, people do not take much time to make a subject viral. They start sharing it and ultimately make it viral among a wide group of people. Thus the video reaches a large section of people in a short time without incurring any extra cost.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is the sharing of a particular message through digital platforms using the latest technologies. Eric J Dalius says that viral marketers’ primary intention is to spread a message to many people within a short time. It is a marketing technique that requires lots of creativity and preparation to deliver the exact message to the users successfully.

How does it work? 

Many of us have heard the term “viral” but are probably not aware of how viral marketing works. The companies plan two kinds of strategies for viral marketing: the shown and the concealed. In the case of show marketing, the user is aware of the product, views the advertising, and makes it viral, shares it consciously for that particular purpose. In the case of concealed marketing, they do not reveal the brand’s name initially. It remains hidden, and the advertisers show it only in the latter part of the campaign. Users play a vital role in the case of both types of marketing strategies.

Who uses viral marketing?

Viral marketing is basically for the newly launched companies to reach out to a broad section of people in less time with a low-cost communication mode. EJ Dalius comments that traditional marketing strategies involve a lot of labor and expense. In comparison to that, viral marketing is more affordable and also easily accessible. For instance, a new energy drink company makes an attractive video of a person drinking it and becoming energetic to perform many activities. The primary purpose is that if the consumers like the video and get convinced with the message, they will automatically share it with others. As a result, the brand receives publicity without any extra expense. Most people eat burgers, and Burger King is a well-known name in the food industry. When they first launched their tender-crisp sandwich on their website, they allowed customers to control how they wanted the chicken to be cooked. That promotion became viral and attracted millions of viewers within a couple of days.

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