Eric Gorton Discusses Family, Success, and the Future of the Gorton Group

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Eric Gorton is one of the top real estate agents in Las Vegas, as well as one of the best-performing agents in the entire state of Nevada. Needless to say, after years in the real estate trenches, he has seen and heard it all. He started out as a novice agent two decades ago and has since been able to create a beautiful life and legacy for himself and his family. 

Being raised by a single mother who suffered from lupus, Eric Gorton first handedly witnessed the importance of hard work and strong values. He attributes his character and drive from the support she gave him throughout his life.

Needless to say, Eric’s Mom was a very special woman. Working directly with the Reagan administration from 1981 through 1989 as the assistant to First Lady Nancey Reagan she was able to expose Eric to a taste of a special life that he wasn’t accustomed to from a very early age.

He had the opportunity to meet and rub elbows with senators, dignitaries, celebrities, and highly successful entrepreneurs. From then on, Eric knew that he wanted to work as hard as possible to ensure that his mother’s efforts would never be in vain.

He took those lessons with him into his adulthood, and once he acquired his real estate license in 2001, he knew that he had found a path that would provide the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

While many up-and-coming agents look at the uphill battle of entering the real estate market and assume that they have to work night and day to succeed, Eric believes that this is not the case. “Make time for family” has always been his motto, and it has served him well thus far. With more than 2,000 sales over a two-decade period, Eric Gorton has proven that he is an example all real estate agents should follow.

In fact, the importance of family helped him reach new heights. Eric Gorton spent many long nights thinking about how he could provide the best life for himself and his family. He has always known that money and success are not everything, though they have allowed him to build a stable and happy life for his wife and children. However, he couldn’t have done it alone.

Eric Gorton spent years developing a work-life balance that would allow him to enjoy time with his family and still grow his business. He was able to acquire some of the best talents that Nevada had to offer, cultivating a team of agents under The Gorton Group; a team built on the idea of personalizing realty services for each and every client. While Eric Gorton has gone above and beyond to provide a service-oriented experience for all of his customers and clients, he never forgot the purpose of his hard work. 

Rather than simply pumping clients through an endless assembly line of paperwork and subpar listing services, The Gorton Group actually takes the time to understand the wants and needs of every prospective buyer or seller. This helped him build trusting relationships with hundreds of clients, as well as his team of knowledgeable agents.  

So, what really sets The Gorton Group apart from the rest? In addition to being a full-service, client-centric enterprise, it is also one built on human relations. Eric Gorton is, above all else, a family man. He has lived through many trials, from financial instability in his childhood to a health crisis well into his adulthood. However, throughout it all, his family has always been by his side.

Ultimately, Eric Gorton wants his partners, agents, and clients to look at him as part of the family. When he speaks with people, even in a professional environment, he speaks from the heart. He shows true passion for his work and for providing clients with comfortable, affordable, living spaces. Additionally, he helps ensure that every client has the necessary guidance and resources to make sound investments for their future.

Currently, Eric Gorton has his sights set on expansion beyond the Nevada real estate market. While Nevada has been his home base for the past 27 years, he has strong ties with the metropolitan Las Vegas/Henderson Valley, Eric strives to spread his unique sales and marketing strategies across the country.

Ideally, people should look at real estate investments as a more secure, personal way to make a better future for themselves and their families. With time, Eric Gorton and the rest of The Gorton Group will likely become one of the most well-known and regarded real estate companies in the nation.

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