Eric J Dalius on Steering Across Technologies to Achieve High Lead Counts

Understanding the buying team and the buying circle is crucial to increase the lead conversion ratio. Specifically, tailoring to the right team will lead to achieving the desired results. Using qualitative and quantitative features to obtain results carefully is vital. With the incorporation of technology, one can reach great heights and get positive results eventually.

Conversion Optimization

As the name suggests, this practice needs a marketer to extract as much information as he can from the visitor that visits the company’s website. For example, you can request a simple form with one question that needs just a tick mark from the visitor. The purpose of this test is to gain at least the email id of the visitor for future targeting purposes. However, EJ Dalius points out the downside of this tool; people might avoid answering the question. That brings us to understand that the marketer should insert a question as simple as possible to attract visitors. With proper scrutinization and tact, you can use several applications that employ such practices that will help you convert your visitors to your customers.

The Power of Emails

Email marketing is called the 800-pound gorilla in the world of digital marketing. When a person hears about email, one imagines the unnecessary sales mail and forwards from the companies that go to the spam folder straight away. With digital technology paving the way for future innovations, a marketer can use the email tool in engaging people with their interests. You can tailor the valuable content to a person’s interest and curate it so that the viewer finds it a perfect deal for themselves. Eric J Dalius suggests using marketing automation programs that utilize robust marketing capabilities to drive the sale. However, you should remember that it takes more than one touch to close a sales deal. Therefore, continuous efforts and human intervention are essential to convert the prospect into an actual customer.

Remarketing Tools

Remarketing is a cost-effective tool as it only advertises to people who have visited your website previously. It is relatively easy to set up. Remarketing refers to when you visit one website, and their ads pop up on other sites. Eric Dalius advises marketers to customize such ads for specialized services and products with discounts and lure customers. A characteristic of this technology is that you have to pay on a cost per mille basis. In other words, you pay for a thousand advertisement impressions on a single web page. This elucidates the impression that one can easily use tons of ads to target several customers.

The tech tools, as mentioned earlier, are separate yet work synergistically. Using more than one tool and careful usage can lead to an increase in leads. Integrate such tools with your CRM program and readily track each one. The technology tools themselves will not offer the result, but tactful handling will. So you need to incorporate it smartly to get the best out of it.

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