Eric J Dalius Reveals Ways to Modernize Your Marketing Strategies

Achieving marketing success is no longer the same as it was in the past. With cut-throat competition, a marketer needs to incorporate effective high-end strategies into his pocket to gain a high profit margin. However, the principles of marketing do not change. What goes on changing is the demand and evolving trends and innovation. Innovations influence the marketing strategies, leaving those that do not possess uniqueness behind.

A lot of established companies do not worry much about the budgets of the marketing team. However, for small-scale firms, the percentage of the spend on marketing campaigns need careful scrutinization. To avoid any miss happenings and effectively overcome any risks, a marketer needs to follow efficient technology trends that drive the market in this century.

The Rise of Chatbots

A survey states that 65 percent of millennials in the United States incline towards using chatbots while engaging with brands. Small businesses usually do not possess this technology. EJ Dalius states that since there is a broad target audience in the digital world, optimizing your website and adding the chatbot feature is a wise decision. Chatbots create an excellent customer experience and ensure the clarification of the fundamental questions of the visitors.

Another aspect of chatbots is the artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. These expand the contact strategy drastically with a simple controlled message. Most companies use such AI-powered chatbots for customer support. Eric J Dalius reveals that a customer can possess queries at any time of day or night. A 24/7, 365 days chatbot can quickly help the customers without much hassle. AI-based chatbots have become lifelike that many visitors do not feel the difference. On the other hand, these chatbots help gather accurate data to analyze and offer actionable information that needs improvement.

Voice Assistants

Voice search is a transformative technology that connects brands and customers in real-time. Smart voice assistants enable marketing professionals to communicate with customers from any location through voice commands. Eric Dalius thinks that such interfaces are much relevant and easy to interact with and that every budding entrepreneur should leverage it.

Emerging Blockchain Browsers

Blockchain browsers are in their infancy. However, such a browser will potentially form a bridge between the internet and blockchain technology, which will enable a whole new ecosystem for consumers to access.

Instead of utilizing a single technology, marketers should focus on a synergistic combination of many tools to increase the customer base. Evolving the team capabilities and redesigning the necessary processes is crucial to surviving in this competitive world. Following such tools, marketers can easily take advantage of the swift progression of data and technology in marketing.

New marketing tools come into existence every year. The rise in technological advancements does not change the core concepts of marketing, but it magnifies the marketer’s triumph. Understanding the new tools can substantially benefit the organization. On the flip side, if a marketer does not utilize the tools effectively, there is no use in adding such high-end technologies to the current mix.

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