Eric Walsh: Helping Clients Plan for Retirement with Passive Income

More than half of Americans are behind on retirement. That sobering statistic is one that Eric Walsh, the owner of Genius Academy Automation, which helps clients earn passive income, is on a mission to change. “I meet a lot of people who are scared about what’s going to happen to them when they get older,” he says.

“They tell me that they are looking for a legitimate, consistent way to earn extra money so that they can turn their lives around and plan for their later years. I also meet seniors who are struggling because they don’t have enough money. The good news I have for them is that the passive income I help clients earn can help them, too.”

Eric believes that ecommerce is an excellent way for people to earn the extra money they will need to support themselves as they get older. “It’s one of the most reliable ways out there,” he says.

Some people turn to real estate, but I don’t think it’s as effective. Real estate takes a lot of effort because even if you rent the property, you still have to maintain it and deal with tenants. With my company, once you provide the capital to start the business, your job is finished and ours begins. We help you start a legitimate LLC, get you started online in marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart Seller Central and then do all the work a company requires to be successful. You just sit back and enjoy the profits.

When Eric meets with new clients, he is careful to explain that nothing happens overnight. “Any kind of business will require meticulous planning and marketing in order to generate profits. That’s why my team and I take such a realistic view of what it takes to start and run a successful ecommerce business. The products that were hot yesterday might not be hot today, so we avoid those. Instead, we analyze the market and watch for what consistently sells. That way, as fads come and go, we can keep your profits coming.”

To create passive income for their clients, Eric and his team create and optimize the client’s listings, ship their customers’ orders, and handle all of the customer service. “There is no aspect of your business that we do not run for you,” he explains. “Your capital creates a company, you are the owner of that company, we run it for you, and we turn your investment into passive income that will improve your finances.”

Eric often meets people who are interested in running their business themselves. “They aren’t quite sure how to do that and are wise to want more instruction before they jump in,” he says. “For them, I recommend checking out my Genius Academy. It’s a digital masterclass that will show you how I built my seven-figure ecommerce business.  It’s also good for those entrepreneurs who see the potential of an online business but are a little intimidated by the Internet itself. I can help you to grow your confidence in your ability to run an online business.”

Supporting people who want to earn more money to save for retirement or to add to their monthly income in their later years is a natural fit for Eric. “It seems like I was always working hard to generate more money for myself,” he remembers.

“I was 21 when I started selling cell phones at a mall kiosk, and I would come an hour early in hopes of selling to early-bird customers, which I did. That extra $100 I made was important to me, so I know the value of every dollar, including how it can be used to create financial stability for yourself.”

After becoming a Papa John’s franchisee and having other real estate investments, Eric got his biggest  breakthrough when he began to sell on Amazon in 2013. “It all started with investing less than $1,000 in products; this later turned into multiple seven-figure businesses on Amazon.” 

Today, Eric has achieved financial freedom and has more than enough for his retirement. He now shares everything he has learned about becoming successful in ecommerce so that other people can have that same security. “No one wants to be in their 60s and beyond and not have enough money to live comfortably,” he says.

With passive income, you can create a nest egg for yourself that will sustain you and give you the assurance that first, you can retire, second, that you will be able to do it when you want to, and third, that as you grow older, you won’t have to worry about your finances.

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