Eric Weinberger Provides Crucial Tips for Modern Businesspeople

The sports media business continues to evolve at a tremendous, never-seen rate. Following the 2020 shutdowns, 2021 was a devastating year for many sports and media. If your company is still in operation today, then you have listened to and satisfied your customers in ways that many businesses were not able to. Congratulations!

However, this is not a time to relax. 2022 and beyond will continue to challenge business owners in ways that they have never been prepared for. Whether you represent a fledgling start-up or a well-established entity, looking ahead, you may be wondering what you can do to better navigate this quickly evolving world.

Professional Business Strategy Advice for 2022 from Eric Weinberger

Eric Weinberger won multiple Sports Emmy Awards over a career in broadcasting spanning more than 25 years. His legacy of integrity and professionalism is rarely surpassed. He employs strong logic and an ethnocentric view to build diverse, dynamic teams.

“If we learned anything from the pandemic and its ruthless repercussions on millions of businesses, it’s that you have to be flexible as a CEO or a business owner,” Weinberger explains, “No matter how markets flex, you have to be prepared with an action plan based on reaching your goals. You have to leave some room within that plan to pivot on the spot if needed because that’s what it takes in this new uncharted territory.”

Recently, Eric Weinberger spoke to a crowd of media CEOs about the importance of setting achievable goals, as opposed to setting goals intentionally too high, and then scattering to meet them.

“You need to determine what you want to accomplish, and then be sure that it’s realistic. Whether you want to break into a new market, increase your sales percentages, or launch entirely new content, keep your goals achievable,”

Weinberger asserted, “That will keep your team motivated and ready to attack and exceed increasingly higher goals. You don’t want to overwhelm your people and make them feel like failures by setting your goals unrealistically.”

Once you have specific, obtainable goals defined, you’ll need to monitor your metrics and hone in on specific goals with more detail. Metrics allow you to observe how successful your team is at meeting the goals. If you find that performance is falling short of intended goals, you can take action to modify the goals or take other actions as needed.

“In addition to monitoring cash flow, employee performance, and quality of your content, be sure to place ample energy and time into understanding your consumer satisfaction rates,” Weinberger advises, “Companies that made the smart choices during 2020 and 2021 succeeded by knowing how and when to pivot when their customers needed it the most. It’s important to realize that today, customers have come to expect virtual services, remote services, and digital services, all combined into one sweet package.”

Eric Weinberger’s Key Point for Business Leaders in 2022

It’s certain that every amazing new accomplishment ever achieved was at one time thought to be impossible. 2022 is the beginning of a new era in business and in life. But it is not necessarily one of defeat, fear, and sitting back waiting to see what world governments will do next. It’s a time to act with diligent, strategic intention.

The best business leaders act with intention, and they love new, bold challenges. When asked about the importance of initiative-taking performance from CEOs, Eric Weinberger asserted, “Few attributes are more important for any type of business leader, in any industry, anywhere in the world than a ceaseless determination to take action. Good leaders don’t sit back for very long watching trends. They create them.”

Weinberger concluded, “Never be afraid to assert your ideas and bring them forward to your team leaders. Innovation and creativity are what have always created the future of business, before the pandemic, and now as we enter a post-pandemic age, some things will never change.”

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