Erick Alvarez on How Big Clout Media Empowers Fitness Influencers to Scale Up to 7 Figures

The world of fitness is a full-grown industry now. Erick Alvarez, CEO and founder of Big Clout Media is a living example of how fitness media empowers influencers to dream big and earn bigger.

Big Clout media is an online fitness business that partners with fitness influencers to help them build their own business and reach millions of followers. The main work is to build influence by creating their marketing strategies, building products, and even selling them. The company, through the expertise of Alvarez, has sold “$200k in sales for a single client from March 19 to August 8 all via Instagram DMs and without any money spent on advertising. 100% organic.”

On how Big Clout Media empowers fitness influencers to scale up to 7 figures, Alvarez says, “We handle everything from product creation, sales, marketing, to scaling, hiring, managing the team, the customer support, consulting and anything else necessary to ensure success.”

Big Clout Media essentially helps start the business from scratch and helps influencers garner strong earnings, with a done-for-you business approach. Erick’s team tests and optimizes the ideal offers with audiences, automate the system and scale with the help of proven strategy.

Born in Miami, Florida, Alvarez is half-Puerto Rican and half-Eastern  European. He enrolled for his bachelors in a State University, Entrepreneurship Major, from 2015 to 2018. But, soon after realising his true calling, he dropped out from 2nd semester o the f the third year and pursued fitness training.

Alvarez then traveled to Colombia for a fitness expo, where he realised that in order to achieve big, he has to take his business to the online platform. He then forwarded into creating multiple online business brands, and just after 2 years, he is selling big. Soon after leaving the field of being a personal trainer, Alvarez established Big Clout Media, which is now helping new influencers in achieving their dreams. He is a Member of the FSU Honor Society of The NaConal Society of Collegiate Scholars.

On being asked as to why he chose this career path, Alvarez says, “I saw an opportunity to combine my skill sets with the authority of influencers to help thousands of people become the best versions of themselves. I run the whole business side of things, while the influencer can focus on doing what they love.”

Leaving college to work for his true calling, Alvarez has proven that dreams can come true if you put in sincere efforts. His journey of healing and inspiring young minds is phenomenal and touching.

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