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Erika Del Toro: A Latina Millionaire Who Found Success as a Life Insurance Agent

“Success tastes good after the struggle.”

Erika Del Toro is a huge influence in the Latina community. Over the years, she has managed to create numerous opportunities for herself and PHP Agency. Her journey started when she moved to the United States of America where she was focused on becoming an entrepreneur and making a name for herself. The best way to describe Del Toro would be as a self-made millionaire and one of the first Latinas to cross million dollars in income as a life insurance agent. Erika is also the co-owner of PHP Agency with her siblings.

Talking about her experience working in different fields, Erika shares, “I always had a specific mindset that I want to be my own boss, I wanted to have the freedom to work for myself and the journey was long but I managed to do it. The basic principles that I used to follow and still follow are dedication and hard work. I learnt a lot with each job that I took up and met a lot of people who taught me important things in life”.

Erika decided to get into real estate after many people advised her to read books on self-development and entrepreneurship. After making a name for herself in the field of real estate, Erika’s sister suggested that they dive into the life insurance industry. Although the idea of starting a new company from scratch was nerve racking, Del Toro always says success tastes good after the struggle, and diving into that side of the industry was one of the best decisions she ever made.

When asked about what legacy she would like to leave behind for herself, Erika shared, “I was able to inspire my Latin community that anything is possible. Success tastes good after the struggle, is one of my own quotes. What I mean by that is when you work hard you can accomplish anything.”


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