Errol Chin Finds Success in Innovative Instagram Marketing & PR Strategies

With the growth of digital and social media marketing, a new tool emerged for enhancing customer-reach via the way of Instagram marketing. Many businesses have made their way on Instagram to grow their brand & reach out to a larger consumer base. This prompted entrepreneurs to help these businesses in their pursuit of catering to a bigger customer-base, by devising nuanced and innovative Instagram marketing techniques, among them, is an Instagram growth and marketing expert who has helped businesses and people around the world to scale their businesses and reach; he is Errol Chin.

Chin’s rise as an entrepreneur was due to his ‘Instagram Leveraging Solution’ – a revolutionary system that facilitates industry leaders to amass authority in their respective fields. With this incredible technique, Chin garnered 10 times the return on investment for influencers and businesses on Instagram.

Chin was a former offshore worker and survived in hostile locations including Papua New Guinea and the Middle East. He is also a former proprietary firm trader, which helped him sharpen his analytical skills, to help him navigate his way into the online marketing industry. He has closely studied macroeconomics, defensive psychology, and risk management. He further studied Instagram growth hacks and online marketing. Chin is the owner of a full-time PR & growth agency and focuses on growing his clients’ Instagram reach.

Since his childhood, Chin was determined and driven to own a business and worked very hard with innate passion and dedication. He always used to experiment and never feared to fail, Chin believes that true failure is when you give up; he came up with different and unconventional marketing techniques, which helped his clients up-scale their businesses. Along with enhancing his client’s reach, Errol also educates them on how to monetize their profile on Instagram. Errol’s planning and creativity yielded one of his clients get a whopping 257,000 followers in just 10 days.

Chin also takes pride in closely following the marketing and PR changes of the industry; he carries out avid research and tests the audience with his innovative and unconventional methods.

Chin has now become one of the most sought-after Instagram growth and marketing experts and PR entrepreneurs, and it is his unconventional techniques & creativity that has led to him to become a big name in the industry.

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