Marketing is much more than just creating awareness. Marketing is an art. It is an art of expressions, building relationships and credibility.

This is the story of Elite Vision Media. A public relations agency based in United States which doesn’t only understand how to establish synergy but works in all round development of a brand.

Elite Vision Media was founded by Esmeralda Baez, a Latina from New York City with a passion for music, fashion and art.

She has a vision and she understands how to run the show. Elite Vision Media, coordinates all aspects of creating and maintaining a relevant and positive identity for their clients. The company’s goal is to enhance your brand image, and help you reach new audiences.

Esmeralda describes marketing as a multiple faceted tool. She says that marketing is not only about growth but it is about establishing a good image of a person or a brand.

Esmeralda started her journey by working on different freelance projects with other agencies from Puerto Rico and Miami. She has developed guerrilla tactics to attain her goals. She is considered a social butterfly, constantly meeting new people and finding the right path to further her career.

“The most amazing aspect of branding is that it has its own unspoken rules, it has its dialects and narratives which needs to be understood to use it in different environments and on different occasions.” Said Esmeralda.

Unlike many other agencies, Elite Vision Media does not try to do many things at the same time. It understands it’s forte and that is what makes it stand out of the noisy world of marketing. Esmeralda Baez, the founder of Elite Vision Media has worked with many international artists from the music and entertainment industry and she has had huge success working with them. The mantra for her success is to use your specific set of skills and push yourself continuously through the limits.

Esmeralda is sharing @elitevisionmedia as well as her @es__xo journey in this industry on Instagram. Follow her to stay updated about the dos and don’ts about the industry.