Essa Ismail Merchant’s Legacy Continues

The managing director of ‘Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Private Ltd’, Mr. Essa Ismail Merchant, is giving growth to new successes and continuing his legacy through his website,

If you have been a spectator to his growth in the telecommunication industry, you know that Mr. Essa Merchant is a famed-name and just the man we need to pass on his lifelong lessons to the younger generation. And he’s doing just that! His website,, promises to bring “lessons from yesterday, passed on today.”

The regarded blog-site has gained a cult following, and has already been featured on many headlines. But, for the non-telecom industry readers, let’s answer these two questions: who is Essa Ismail Merchant, and why is his blog-site making headlines?

Mr. Essa Ismail Merchant is a seasoned industry veteran who backed with his 25+ years of expertise in this industry has seen every possible twists, turns, advancements, and revolutions in the industry. He was right here since Day 1 with pager phones, and now stands as one of the biggest ringleaders of this game.

He’s been the distribution head representing brands like Blackberry, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Philips, Motorola, Alcatel, and many more brands on a national-scale, and after 25+ years in this industry, his brand, Advanced Group boasts about their pan-India network that spreads across both online and offline channels of distribution.

He’s undoubtedly got years of experience, insights, and strategic master-plans to bag such renowned companies in his network, and to build a brand that is so prominent in the distribution world today – so his website effectively takes these life lessons and portrays them in words, giving insights, advice, and observations though his eyes.

Mr. Essa Ismail Merchant has paved the way for the younger generation by demystifying the distribution trade for his audience, and his website now serves as a virtual-mentoring session for his readers and followers.

So to catch up on the hype, do visit

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