Essential Techniques to Reach a Consensus in Business Decision-Making by Eric Dalius

A business venture can become successful only when all the team members work collectively. You must have team members in your business venture who agree on a particular decision. Bringing consensus in decision-making is a very challenging process. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you reach an agreement quickly.

To come to a particular decision is a very challenging task for the leader and the team members. It is essential to have a group of people involved in the decision-making process because more people means more technical expertise and input, as put forward by Eric J Dalius. It will undoubtedly bring many difficulties in coming to a consensus because different people have different viewpoints. However, you should make decisions that include the views of all the team members. Below are some techniques that can help you reach an agreement to speed up the decision-making process.

  • Be strategic in choosing your team member

It is essential when you select your team, you choose people we do not only have the necessary expertise, but they are also like-minded. If you have a team that thinks and works on a different tangent,it will become complicated for you to reach a consensus easily. Too much difference of opinion will delay the decision-making process bringing in losses in business. Thus be strategic when choosing your team members.

  • Give opportunities for open discussion

It is a necessity that you allow your team members to talk about their ideas freely. If you reject their ideas, then you will restrict unique and creative ideas. You should welcome ideas from your team members but evaluate these ideas and choose the best one. Do consult everybody who will get affected by your decisions.It is essential to implement solutions only with the team members’ consent so that it suits all the parties in your business venture, suggests EJ Dalius.

  • Encourage participation from all the team members

In every business venture, you will have a group of people working where few will be more assertive and active while others hesitate to express their viewpoints. If you encounter such a situation, you must encourage an out look from even those who are hesitant to say because only then will the decision reflect all the team members’ true feelings in your business venture.

  • How to fish out an appropriate decision

Many business ventures choose a standard voting mechanism to reach a decision. You can also use this process to reach a consensus by using the ballot method of voting. The team members can use paper slips to cast their votes, which would also maintain their anonymity. It is necessary to reach solutions that will include all the team members’ opinions to make a collective decision. Only when you make a collective vision you can expect a successful outcome for your venture.

You must follow a step-by-step process to make effective decisions to overcome even challenging situations, as pointed by Eric Dalius.

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