Ethan Bavuu’s Military Experience Laid the Foundation for a Successful E-Commerce Business

There are just so many things that a life in the military can equip us with. Dealing with uncertainties, a high-level of risk-taking attitude, the value of relationships, a sense of team bonding are just a few that perhaps many civilians fail to give a second thought to. For army veteran turned e-commerce businessman Ethan Bavuu, his time spent in the military has played a critical role in knowing there are no limits to what one can achieve. More often than not, we get bogged down when things don’t go as per expectations, and we suffer from self-doubt and anxiety. A few years as a soldier would have taught us otherwise.

Army and E-Commerce: A Combination of Sorts

Bavuu’s success as an e-commerce entrepreneur goes back to the crucial lessons that he learned in the field. As two vastly different backgrounds, it is difficult to correlate the similarities between an army man’s life and that of an entrepreneur reaping benefits by investing in digital media. Bavuu clarifies some of the foundations that are alike in all aspects of life. His ability to leap to new challenges and learn to stick to them comes from the hardships faced on the field. Since most of us have an affinity to opt for things that come with the tag of certainty, those who have lived their lives on the edge know how uncertain life is and why it is important to express gratitude every moment of your life. Despite having little to no knowledge of the digital space, Bavuu knew that he could make it if he persevered and learned the tricks of the trade. And so, he did

Never Say No!

The military life was the start of living the American Dream for Bavuu that all immigrants can relate to. But the person who emerged from the experience is what made the decision worthwhile. One of the biggest things he learned from the military is to ‘overcome your fear.’ Bavuu believed in taking calculated risks and finding solutions to setbacks. Starting a business with no formal experience is a formidable task, but Bavuu did so with an Army mentality and a persevering mindset. Though he suffered from several mistakes due to his lack of knowledge and experience in the digital space, with his army principles to back him, he did not stop till he got his first taste of success and many more, subsequently.

Hailing from Mongolia, this 28-year young entrepreneur of several successful e-commerce businesses is a real example of the American Dream achievers. He inspires others to stand on their merit and never fall prey to obstacles that life throws in your way.

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