Ethan Gontar Surprises Again: A New Song With a Spectacular Music Video

As you know, Ethan Gontar is an Israeli musician. He recently released his third single, ‘Wildest Dreams. This song feels like it takes you to a distant place and makes you think – love can make you so weak.

Many people fall in love at least once in their life, and some do not earn it. In Ethan’s song, we can see a very happy ending, with a painful and interesting process.

The song describes incredible feelings from the man for his girlfriend, but she does not feel the same.

Watching the song’s video, the viewer finds that since they were little, their wildest dream was to fly around the world, rent a caravan, and travel.

The viewer sees their relationship slowly fading but thanks to the trip they take, their relationship is saved. They grew up together, and this amazing scene can be seen in the song’s video.

This is Ethan’s second song about love, and it is very surprising. The first song, “Say Goodbye,” was rhythmic with a sad meaning, while ‘Wildest Dreams’ is slow and sad with dreamy vocals and a happy ending to the story.

Ethan collaborated on this song with his friend Shay Vagner, an Israeli musician. They started their relationship back in high school and only recently started working as a duo.

They teamed up for this project together, with an amazing result: the wildest song, Wildest Dreams.

Ethan continues to work on new music with all his might, and we look forward to seeing more such cooperation between Ethan Gontar and Shay Vagner.

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